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4 Ways to Check Your Airtel Data Balance

A lot of mobile users do not bother to check their data balance until their network service provider alerts them that they’ve elapsed 95% of their data bundle and they begin to complain. It’s pretty useful to check your data balance regularly so you can better control your data consumption. Also, you can monitor your data to make sure it’s not depleting more than you are using it, in which case you’d need to lodge a complaint with the network.

Luckily, Airtel provides various channels through which you can confirm your data balance and they are listed below.

  • You can check your airtel data balance by visiting the Airtel website. You’ll be required to log in with your phone number and you’ll be sent a One-Time-Password (OTP). On the site, you will be able to see your personal data consumption.
  • You can also make use of the Airtel data balance shortcode to check your balance. To check your data balance on Airtel, dial *223#. This method is pretty simple.
  • In case shortcodes and websites still don’t do it for you, you can send HELP to 121 and get details relating to your Airtel mobile account. You can also send DATA USE to 121 to get your balance.


Airtel Data Balance

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  • The airtel mobile app is a very important tool for all Airtel users. Asides from checking balances, the app offers other great features like airtime purchase, dialer, phone backup, and much more.

Follow the links to download for Android and iOS, and register with your phone number to begin using the app. Once you open the app, you’ll be able to see all your balances including data balance and airtime balance.

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