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Friday Funnies

Fashion Friday Funnies: Nigerian Tailors

For the love of owambe

If your Nigerian tailor is always on time when you need your clothes, you’ve already made the list of Top 10 Happiest People in Nigeria!

It’s no news that Nigerians love owambe, and it’s no wonder most of us go to the extreme to hunt down the best tailors who can give us that magnificent outfit. Some of these tailors are blessed, while others can never make heaven.

If you’ve ever been disappointed by a Nigerian tailor, you’re not alone.

Have a laugh

Check out a compilation of the most hilarious memes about Nigerian tailors. If you’ve had a tough week, we hope these cheer you up.

 Nigerian Tailors

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When you give your Nigerian tailor your wedding material 6months before your wedding to sew, and a day to your wedding she tells you she can’t find the material.

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You’re forced to ask:

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And she starts trying to explain: “Abeg aunty no vex I bin dey sick, our transformer blow, my mama no well I go village, I just come back last night”

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