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Fashion Friday: Pleated Skirts For The Fashion Enthusiast

Skirts are essential fashion pieces. They come in various designs and fabric which makes it almost impossible to decide on which to buy.

Trends come and go but some trends will always stand the test of time. One of those classic pieces is the ‘pleated skirt’.

For years now, the pleated skirt has been under the radar, often called the Mary Amaka of Skirts because of its big and flowing look. However, this season, the pleated skirt is back in style and is a style hit for every budding fashionista.


The classy silhouette of the pleated skirt makes it a must-have to revamp your wardrobe as it comes in delightful, swirling texture of cotton, metallic, chiffon, to name a few.

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For most people pleated skirts can seem intimidating to wear, as well as slightly preppy, professional, and possibly old-fashioned. That might be true considering that pleats can easily look very dressed up and mature. However, taking advantage of the dramatic nature of pleated skirts is the best thing, as it simply means that the rest of your outfit can take a back sit while this extremely fashion-forward piece makes all the statement.

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There are really fun and cool ways you can dress up with the pleated skirt that won’t remind you of a grandma. The different textures, lengths and colors means you won’t run out of your desired style, since the pleated skirts gives off a comfy and airy feeling whilst still showing off your diverse fashion sense in a fab way.

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