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The Wonderful Ewa Agoyin Recipe

This is a famous meal among the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is really great way of relishing beans-especially for those who are not big fan of beans. The beans is mostly served mashed, but since not everyone likes it that way, it could be made extremely soft.

Ewa Agoyin is famous with bread, but not just any bread, Agege bread, specifically. The stew is usually dark unlike most stews and it is gritty or crunchy to taste.


3 cups of white beans(It should be white beans, if not founds, brown beans can substitute)

1 teaspoon of dry pepper.

Half red onion.

2 pieces of Cameroon pepper(If you do not know which it is, ask any woman selling pepper in  the market)

A quarter cup of dried Shombo pepper.

Palm oil

Salt( to taste).



  • Pick the beans to make sure it’s free of stones and then boil in water until it absorbs all of it. Even if it burns a little, allow it, you end up getting a smokey flavour which is part of the taste needed.
  • Once the beans darkened from overcooking but is still whole, scoop into a different pot and continue boiling(Remember the former pot is a little burnt)
  • The beans is supposed to boil to the extent of a creamy sludge. If this is not gotten, it means the water in the pot is too much.
  • After the beans have been boiled to a very soft paste. Use the wooden spoon and mash the beans against the sides of the pot. Make sure this is done, until it turns to paste.



The moment we have all been waiting for(The Agoyin Fried Sauce).

  • Soak all the dried items in water to soften, it makes for easy blending.
  • Once the peppers become soft, blend them. Use the water used in soaking the pepper to blend. Do not boil the pepper
  • Bleach the palm oil in a deep pan. Use roughly half a cup. Allow the oil bleach under high heat until it turns dark brown not black. (Add enough palm oil because as you fry, the pepper will soaks up the oil)
  • After turning off the heat from the bleached oil. Throw in the diced onions. Turning off the heat ensures that the onions do not burn fast.
  • When the onion starts to burn a little, add the dried cayenne pepper. It will allow the oil to bubble. Turn down the heat at this point and sprinkle salt(Do not use Seasoning Cubes).
  • Still under the low heat, add the blended pepper in bits every one minute.
  • When all the pepper has been added in the pan, keep stirring and let the sauce fry. As it fries, the colour gets darker and the sauce gets grittier.
  • Ensure to keep stirring, so as not to have burnt sauce.
  • Our sauce is ready

 We have our perfect Saturday morning breakfast or any other time for that matter. Make sure to try it out with hot Agege bread.

Bon Appetit!!!

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