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Instagram Business of the Month: Tari’s Cakes and Confectionery

There’s an art to making sweet treats that leave a lasting impression on memories as much as they excite taste buds. If you’re able to merge this ability to bake an exceptional experience for craving mouths with a knack for creating eye-catching designs, you might have what it takes to build a confectionery brand that attracts a truly loyal following.

Tari’s Cakes and Confectionery presents itself as a brand that fits this description. Its Instagram page showcases an array of interestingly themed cake designs, sometimes unusually imaginative, all pointing to the baking skill that forms part of this brand’s appeal to its growing customer base. If there’s any doubt that the business considers “bringing excitement to people” its aim (as its founder says) that uncertainty is confounded by the forms and colours of the cakes it displays on Instagram.

Enterprise driven by refined skill

Not surprisingly, Tari’s Cakes is run by a person who considers baking cakes a hobby. She is Saluchiaka Tari Igbanibo, a graduate of Accountancy from Covenant University. Igbanibo says she learnt to bake while she was still an undergraduate, but didn’t make a  enterprise of it at the time. The thought of earning from it came a little later.

“After service (NYSC), seeing that a lot of people loved my cakes and looked forward to having them whenever I baked, I decided to take it seriously. I got trained; I combined my previous knowledge with what I acquired at the training, and this birthed Tari’s Cakes and Confectionery.”

Cakes, small chops, and big plans

The cake varieties available at Tari’s include the red velvet, vanilla, marble, chocolate, lemon, and carrot (which Igbanibo says is a best seller). These are baked and dispatched on request, usually for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. They also make cupcakes and small cakes, for the less auspicious moments when the body requests to munch on something sweet.

While Tari’s Cakes and Confectionery concerns itself primarily with cakes, Igbanibo is quick to note that her business offers more. Small chops can be bought off Tari’s shelves as well; and there are plans to add other desserts to its menu.

Orders are taken through calls, chats and text messaging. Deliveries are made around the FCT, where the business is based. Igbanibo says she’s aiming to expand operations beyond the Abuja axis. She expresses a desire for the growth of her venture into a national brand.

What it’s like doing business on Instagram

When asked what she makes of her experience doing business on Instagram, Igbanibo gives an answer that is both frank and upbeat.

“It hasn’t been easy, but it has been fulfilling. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency, as well as continuous learning because things change on the platform daily. You have to stay up to date if your business is going to thrive. But on the whole, it’s been very rewarding.”

Click here to visit Tari’s Cakes and Confectionery’s Instagram page.

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