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3 Sales Boosting Secrets for Your Small Business

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a small business that consistently yields profits, and one that barely breaks even?

Buying and selling is one of my favorite side hustles and it not only brings me extra income, it opens my eyes daily to simple yet overlooked small business basics. Once I started paying attention to the attitudes and activities of those making the kind of profit I could only dream about, three things stood out for me:

1. They are positively obsessed.

They eat, sleep and breathe their business. They genuinely enjoy what they do, so much so that it rarely feels like work. They are convinced that their product or service is just what their customer needs and their dedication to this idea fuels everything they do. It’s as though they exist on another level, in a different realm. Whereas others can’t wait to get a break so they can go do what they really like to do, these achievers think of nothing else during work hours. They’re fully present and fully switched on while they’re working. This positive obsession is a child of energy coupled with discipline, and it, in turn, produces sale after sale, day after day.

2. They utilize every tool at their disposal.

Wherever they find themselves, they extract as much as they can. They learn everything they can about their products. They always have their catalogs, brochures, and testimonials ready.

They know what their customers need, and use every available medium to make the benefits of their products and services known. They utilize social media, email, and instant messaging platforms. They invest in self-development tools like books, videos, podcasts, and tapes to make sure they’re on track. They know that tools aren’t limited to literature, so they maximize events, the ambiance at their office, happy client testimonials, anything and everything that customers can experience. They do the work, and so they secure the sales, and ultimately satisfied customers who will buy again and again.

3. They just do it.

While people like me are seeking inspiration and motivation, successful business owners take responsibility for their own motivation. They know how to get themselves started. They know that being their own boss means they can’t afford to wait for anyone to move them. They move!

They set their goals and targets, make their to-do lists, and engage in income-producing activities. They’re not victims of over-preparation. They avoid analysis paralysis. They don’t get swept away by research. They just do the work.

They know that they’re either making sales or they’re not. It’s that simple! So they don’t get obsessed with thinking about their business, reading business and sales literature all day, or watching training videos. They know that those things have their place, but they are not “selling” and all the training in the world will be in vain if they don’t sell. Fully aware that selling is actually communicating with potential customers, they make the number of calls and send the number of emails they’ve committed to daily. They post on social media consistently. They give out samples. They email their customers. They follow up. They talk to people. They make sales!

I’ve made a decision to triple my sales by making a commitment to be positively obsessed, to make use of every tool at my disposal, and to do the work; for my own sake and for the sakes of those out there who need what I have to offer. Will you do the same?

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Joy Ehonwa

Joy Ehonwa is an editor and a writer who is passionate about relationships and personal development. She runs Pinpoint Creatives, a proofreading, editing, transcription and ghostwriting service. Email: pinpointcreatives [at]

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