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Social Media Marketing Tips: 4 Reasons To Use Videos In Promoting Your Business

We’ve compiled a list of why including videos in promoting and raising awareness about your business is important. See them below.

Increased Conversions

Most people would prefer to watch ‘how to’ videos than read ‘how to’ text. Why? Because videos are usually more engaging and court more attention than a bunch of text. Video content have higher conversion rates than text-based content. According to a research report, 71% of marketers claim video conversion rates perform better than other marketing content.

Emotional Appeal

Video marketing makes it possible for customers to get acquainted with the face of the brand. It is a powerful way to trigger emotions online. It has an edge over text because the speaker’s facial expressions, voice tonality, and eye contact are apparent to the listener. Even attributes like music can be included in the video to heighten emotional effect.

One may not feel a pressing need to purchase a product advertised in an emotionally altering video but such an individual may be affected in a subconscious and more subtle manner. In marketing, appealing to emotions has proved time and again to have a positive impact on customer-decision making.

Encourages Email Click-Throughs

There has been a debate in “digital marketing land” on whether email marketing is still an effective form of marketing. Yes, it is.  Email marketing was and still is an effective way to market your business online, provided it is done well. Video is one ‘spice’ you can add to your email marketing to encourage click-throughs. Why? Because some people are too occupied or lazy to read anything as opposed to watching a video.

Establishes You As An Authority In Your Niche

Putting yourself out there on camera or on live video to talk about your area of expertise makes you look like an authority on the topic and is more engaging than writing a blog post or posting a tweet. This works especially when you stick to a particular niche because when people search for videos related to that niche, your videos will turn up. The secret is to title your videos with keywords your audience will most likely search for.

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