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Instagram Business of the Month: OGB Naturals

The natural hair movement started off as a push-back against the denigration of the black African woman’s tough kinky hair. But for most women these days, keeping twists and braids is really about expressing their individuality, apart from the crowd of westernizing hair straighteners and extensions.

However, all hair are not the same. This reality throws itself in the struggles of many African women to maintain hair integrity. Numerous options exist on the shelves of malls and market stores, but it’s not always certain that they’ll match every buyer’s peculiar needs.

Helping women through the natural hair journey

One venture that’s working to fix this problem is OGB Naturals, a hair products consultancy and distribution enterprise. They’re like the regular beauty products supplier in one respect: they sell shampoos, formulas and other hair care material. But they also give useful hair-type specific treatment advice.

Ogbene Charles, who founded and runs OGB Naturals, believes that her business’s combination of quality hair products and consultancy is helping its customers’ hair flourish. She describes herself as a natural hair enthusiast, and speaks of her enterprise as helping women succeed at maintaining their natural hair.

“OGB Naturals was created to help people like me who started the natural hair journey with little knowledge of natural hair care”, she explained, in a chat with ConnectNigeria. “The idea is to help guide women through to achieving healthy hair growth using the right products.”

— Oghene Charles

Reaching a national customer base via social media

OGB Natural’s Instagram page displays some of the products sold by the business- scalp oils, moisturizers, regrowth formulas and hair strengthening fluids, to name a few. Useful hair tips are shared on it as well. This social media storefront strikes visitors as a proper hair care platform from the very first glance, and draws in fans of natural hair with its promising offerings.

OGB Naturals operates primarily from its online pages. Customer orders are taken via Instagram, Facebook (where it also has an account), Whatsapp and phone calls, and products are delivered nationwide.

Ogbene says there are plans to expand the product range on offer, to incorporate more local brands. This should fit into a broader strategy to strengthen the business’s effectiveness at catering to the hair needs of women and children.

Doing business on Instagram

In her submissions about doing business on Instagram, Ogbene notes that there are opportunities for growth on the platform, which will only be taken by entrepreneurs who apply themselves to it.

“Doing business on Instagram has been an exciting experience for me,” she says. “I have learnt a lot, and I’m still learning about doing business on it. It requires that you be ready to put in the work. Instagram already has great tools that can help you market your business and make sales.”

Click here to visit OGB Naturals’ Instagram page.

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