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App Of The Week:  Iroko Tv (Netflix Of Africa)

Netflix and Chill

If you’ve never heard the expression “Netflix and Chill” well, you’re pardoned; but after you read this article, you have no excuse.

To define this catchy slang, “Netflix and Chill”: Netflix is the popular movie and TVs streaming service. Chill, in this context, means to relax. Together, they mean: relax and watch Netflix. For most movie lovers, this is always an amazing experience and this is what Jason Njoku and his co-founder, Sabastian Gotter, have remodeled in the form of Iroko TV.

The Iroko Tv Idea

Jason Njoku – Iroko TV’s co-founder – is one of the Nigerians in Diaspora who saw the goldmine in Nigeria and came to invest. While living in faraway London, Jason realized how the demand for African movies was increasing globally. Yes! The market was big but there were hardly African movies on the internet. Seeing the need for this void to be filled, Jason hopped on a plane to Nigeria and after landing in the country, he began striking deals with local movie producers. Today we have a web platform that provides access to over 5000 Nollywood movie titles and attracts views from around Africa and beyond.

How It all began

In 2011, Iroko TV started out as Nollywoodlove; the first major Youtube channel to offer full-length Nollywood movies. Considering the fact that there were hardly any serious competitors in this field, acquiring online license rights from producers and marketers to distribute these movies was relatively cheap and easy. The channel was met with great success in a short while attracting over a million views from more than 200 countries around the world. After Nollywoodlove had gained ground, Jason received strong backing from Tiger Global Management, a New York private equity firm which shared his interest to digitalize African content. He received nearly $10 million from the firm and this led to the launching of Iroko TV as a movie streaming website which attracted over a half a million views in the space of three months.

Jason has been featured on Forbes, CNN, CNBC, BET, Techcrunch amongst others. The company’s success has been so significant that it was dubbed “the NetFlix of Africa” by Forbes Magazine. The Iroko TV web platform was launched in 2011. Since then it has been diversified into various forms of quality. In 2013, Iroko launched ROK TV, a Nigerian film production company and in 2016, it launched Iroko X, a platform for filmmakers, musicians, and other creative aspirants to produce, distribute and monetize for 20% of revenue.  The Iroko TV app was launched in 2013.

Introduction to the Iroko TV app

The Iroko TV app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You have access to thousands of Nigerian and Ghanaian movies which you can watch offline. You have the opportunity to keep these movies on your device and “Iroko and Chill” anytime you want.

What it offers

Latest movies and TV shows

Access to downloads and streamed videos

Meet the actors

Watch your favourite TV series

Payment Method

To have access to the thousands of streaming videos available on Iroko TV, you will have to pay $5.00 monthly. Iroko TV accepts payment through MasterCard, bank transactions and vouchers.

Getting the app

The latest version of the app is 3.13.1 and it is available on Google Play Store. The app is compatible with android versions from 4.1 and above. It can be downloaded through any of the links below:





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