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Why We Love Lindsey Abudei

Hailing from Jos, Lindsey Abudei is a songstress with a pure voice. Lindsey sounds like a cross between Adele and Nina Simone; her voice hits your skin and melts into it.

I first heard Lindsey sing at an art gallery’s open house in Abuja in 2012. I was enthralled. She sings and strums on her guitar as though she was born to do just that. Lindsey is proof that hard work and consistency pay off; her pinpoint focus and resilience are encouraging.

“I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember. I’ve loved listening and curating music for a long time. Taking it up as a career was a ‘bonus’ added much later.”

– Lindsey Abudei


An Art Omi Music Fellow, the neo-soul singer-songwriter has an EP, Brown: The EP (2013), and a remarkable album, …And The Bass Is Queen. (2016), under her belt. At Asa’s Live In Lagos Encore Concert in 2017, Lindsey was amongst the musicians handpicked by the maven to open the concert. This fall, Lindsey will participate at the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin with sixty other artistes from around the world.

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Lindsey says that her musical influences are varied; from Stevie Wonder to Queen, INXS to Enya, Marvin Gaye to U2, The Beatles to The Beach Boys. Through her songwriting, she narrates stories to listeners; Apologize, a powerful song about acceptance of guilt and surrender; When You Don’t Drive Me Mad, about the tussling between lovers; The 90s Song, a brilliant song doused in nostalgia, taking it back to decades-old RnB jams. Lindsey’s cover of Fela’s Trouble Sleep, Yanga Go Wake Am is magic.

Contact Lindsey

Lindsey Abudei.

Lindsey hasn’t let the cat out of the bag concerning the release of her next album, but she’s been on tour for over a year with And The Bass Is Queen., and if you’re interested in knowing about tour dates and other updates and events, you can join the mailing list on her website.

You can also contact Lindsey via email: