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4 Ways To Enjoy Tourism in Nigeria During Raining Season

In Nigeria, we have only two seasons – dry and raining season (December Harmattan is considered part of the Dry season).

Due to the current climate change worldwide, we are experiencing an uneven distribution of the seasons. These days it seems we have more months of rains than sunny days.

We all can’t take vacations only during the dry season. Even if we do, every tourist destination would be full beyond capacity. So for the greater good, some people choose to have their vacation during raining season. Most of them usually travel to places that experience less rainfall. But what happens when you can’t afford the cost travelling out of the country to such locations?

These are some ways to have fun during the rains:


You could decide to take a soak in a hot spring like Wikki Springs or Ikogosi Warm springs. Or go Kayaking in the Lagos Lagoon.

Visit indoor locations

Just because it is raining all day doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up indoors all day. You can plan a visit to the local Museum or an Art Gallery to view a bit of the history, art and culture of that city. You can also visit local shopping malls. Some malls have cinemas too. Another fun way to experience culture indoors is to go to a theatre and watch a musical dance drama. An example of performances you could watch include the Love Is or Kalakuta Queens shows in Lagos. You could even go for an evening concert.

Have a staycation

A staycation is essentially a sleepover. So when you visit a new town during the raining season, go to a lovely resort or hotel with great facilities and enjoy your time there. A place like Abraka Turf and Country Club or Tinapa Resort would make an ideal location for a staycation. That’s because, besides being indoors, there are other activities you can engage in even when it rains. Activities such as like swimming at the Abraka Beach or in the Tinapa Lazy River or Water Park. If the place you choose has an arcade centre, a playroom for kids, indoor sports facilities like a gym, tennis courts, etc, then you are in luck.

Embrace the rains

Besides watching the rain hit your window pane, you could brave the weather and embrace it. One way to do so is to go jogging or for a brief run when it is still showering. Another way is to go hiking.

There you have it. It may not rain all day every day so there may still be enough sunlight to go about normal tour activities like City Tours. But now you know, raining season should no longer be an excuse not to have a good time during your vacation.

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