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App of The Week: Kudi AI

“Kudi” is the word for money in the Hausa Language and this is where the name Kudi AI originates from.

Kudi AI is a recently launched online chatbox which enables individuals to make transfers and pay their bills. Internet facilities are still a luxury for most people in Nigeria with a high percentage having to physically go somewhere to pay their bills. Kudi Ai was launched to fill this void. With the app being part of Facebook’s Free Basic, it doesn’t cost any data to use. Essentially, Kudi Ai is a chat box that lives inside Facebook and Skype.

Meet Kudi AI

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Kudi AI uses a simple conversational style to guide users. The app sends you timely reminders when bills are due, keeps track of your account details, enables you to buy airtime, make transfers and pay for services such as DSTV, GOTV, and electricity. Among other money transfer services, Kudi Ai is a one of a kind app because users don’t have to pay any fees when making transfers on the app and it is more or less a chatty app that guides users on how to go about their transactions without them having to rely on a manual. In other words, the app operates with a compelling and unconventionally simple interface that is relatable to a wide audience. For every transaction you are charged ₦100. This is set at a fixed price no matter the amount requested for.

What It Offers

Kudi AI is literally your personal finance manager because it aids you with fund transfers, bill reminders, airtime purchases, bank account information, and cable subscriptions.

Getting The App

The app is available on Google Play Store at a downloadable size of 2.75 megabytes and compatible with all android versions from 4.4 and above.

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