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Do You Know Legendary Nigerian Volleyballer, Moyo Kasim?

The first African Inducted into the World Volleyball Hall of Fame is a Nigerian.

Nigeria has had many volleyball players whose achievements precede them both on and off the pitch.

Dr. Moyo Kasim is one of such Nigerian legends who distinguished himself throughout his 20 years long career as a Nigerian Volleyball player, winning national, continental and international accolades.


Moyo Kasim became the very first African to be inducted into the prestigious Volleyball Hall of Fame on the 23rd of April 2016 in Pennsylvania, USA.

Kasim, who started playing Volleyball for Nigeria at age 18, is the son of the late Oluepe of Epe, Oba M.D Kasim.

Recounting the years that led up to his induction ceremony, Moyo Kasim says:

“That day would remain indelible in my life because the hall was filled to the brim, with volleyball greats and bidding stars all in attendance, making for a great show that saw my induction into the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

“At that moment, I remembered my parents, I remembered my family, my wife and children, who were there at the occasion and I wished my parents were still alive to see this epochal day. I say this because without God first and them, I would not have achieved what I achieved all these years and for me to be so recognised after all these years goes to illustrate the immense roles they played in shaping me into what I have become and these accolades from the international community and Lagos State government.

“For me to be so recognised and honoured after so many years of quitting the game is so gratifying and   I can’t be more thankful to those who shaped me into what I am and to God for his mercy and love. I’m the only Nigerian and only African to be inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame till today. Three of us were inducted on that day and I felt proud to be a Nigerian and a native of Lagos State.

I represented Nigeria for about 20 years and even in the USA, I was known and celebrated. Its a great honour for myself and my family and the credit goes to my late parents, especially by late father, the Oluepe of Epe, Oba M.D. Kasim, my coaches, Suraju Olajide, popularly called Coach Mansu, my college coach, Dr. Wayne Stalick, who was my trainer in the USA and the Lagos State government, who gave me the platform to showcase my volleyball talents” the volleyball legend continued.

“It is quite astonishing and remarkable how things have turned to favour me that from nowhere, I am now somewhere and back at home, contributing something great to my people in Lagos State. I am just grateful to God for this remarkable story and how well he has blessed me and my plan is to continue giving back to the society, whether in the health sector or sports be.”

— Kasim

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Achem Samuel is a writer and a musician, he is passionate about God and also an ardent fan of tech, sports and music.

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