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Instagram Business of the Month: Joonik Fabrics

Many people are attracted to online stores because of the relative ease with which customers can order products from such platforms and have them delivered to whatever location they request. It’s no surprise that a large fraction of the patronage these businesses get comes from working people, whose often tight schedules prohibit them from visiting brick and mortar stores.

joonik fabrics

A variety of online stores operate on several digital channels. One of these stores, Joonik Fabrics, runs on Instagram. As its name suggests, it’s a social media shop which sells a range of fabric types, especially the sorts that are in high demand in these parts. And like a lot of online shops, it fills in a need for quick and convenient remote shopping by Nigeria’s urban working class.

Convenience and choice, one fabric at a time

Joy Ikechukwu Onianwa, Joonik’s founder and CEO, says that her decision to set her business up was motivated by the opportunity she saw in helping out busy working people with their shopping.

“Joonik was created out of the desire to serve people who are too busy with their daily activities, but do not have time to go to shop for their fabrics. So they just order from us online and we deliver to their desired addresses. We make shopping easy and stress free for our customers.”

– Onianwa

The fabrics on sale at Joonik include silk, crepe, cotton, chiffon and velvet. They’re available as an assortment of clothing styles, all colourfully woven and designed. The patterns on show range from repetitive regular shapes to semi regular and complex intricate designs. There’s also a mix of local and universal patterns as well. You’ll find samples of these on Joonik Fabric’s Instagram page.

Joonik takes orders via Whatsapp and voice calls, and delivers to customers across Nigeria.

While it’s true that there are numerous fashion and textile merchants on Instagram, Onianwa says she’s set out to make her brand different from the competition in a positive way. She says she chose her business’s name (Joonik) which is a derivative of her name, partly because it sounded a bit like the word “unique”.

Doing business on Instagram

Onianwa thinks Instagram is doing far more than connecting people over vast distances. She’s positive that it’s giving businesses a space and reach that benefits them, as well as their customers.

Here’s what she has to say:

Business on Instagram has made it possible and easy to access a wider range of clients. It is quite interesting to be able to reach a large customer base all over Nigeria, just from one location.”

– Onianuwa

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