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The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce Equips Businesses With Strategies To Maximize Revenues

The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Tale Alimi Global recently organized a training on Business Growth: Marketing Strategies and Tactics to Maximize Revenues. The training which held at the Chamber’s Secretariat, on Thursday, 14th June 2018 was born out of the need to guide participants in clearly understanding their target market and creating clear and result-driven marketing strategies, tactics and activities which would lead to increase in revenues.

Most business owners start out with a passion for the product or service they want to offer. They believe so much in the ability of their products or services to add value or even change the lives of people. They enthusiastically share their product features with potential customers and sales begin to trickle in but the challenges start when they want to grow sales and revenue numbers, and they find it quite difficult.

The training which was facilitated using motion visuals, real-life case studies, discussions and presentations for knowledge sharing focused on Direct Response Marketing, Advertising, The Art of storytelling, Market profiling, Creating a winning marketing campaign, Market segmentation, Marketing strategy, Selling innovatively, Marketing budget, Secrets of result oriented marketing amongst others.

The Business Growth Master Class has been on for two years and some of the participants from the previous editions have gone on to expand their businesses by opening new branches whilst some have doubled their business revenues.

According to Tale Alimi, CEO, Tale Alimi Global, the easiest excuse for most businesses is usually a lack of capital to drive sales, the real culprit is the absence of a clear marketing strategy and supporting tactics and activities that will lead to actual increase in sales and revenue.
Successful strategy leads to Business Growth, Strong Competitive position and Strong Financial Performance and those are our objectives for businesses she added.

The Director-General, NACC, Joyce Akpata reiterated the Chamber’s commitment to providing programs and services that improve the economic prosperity and sustainability of businesses. We are committed to constantly creating value for participants to ensure return on their investment, she added while she urged them to put to practice the knowledge and experiences they gathered.

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