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Tip of the Day: How to Take Good Care of Device Chargers

It’s easy to get worked up about your device’s battery and completely ignore the chargers that refuel these batteries. Smartphones are effectively useless without their chargers, and so are laptops and smartwatches.

Chargers often malfunction because of the negligence of the user. Original charging accessories are becoming expensive to purchase these days; hence, one has to apply much caution when using them.

Here are 5 tips to help you take proper care of your chargers.

Always unplug the Charger by the head

Do not unplug your charger by pulling on the cord or cable. Over time the tension caused by the pulling will result in internal damage.Always remove the charger from the head.

Keep it dry

Don’t charge your device in your kitchen, or in your bathroom or in other places where liquids can spill on it. Liquids and electronic devices never go well together. While certain smartphones come with water-resistance, battery chargers do not.

Keep it cool

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can damage chargers. Try not to leave chargers on carpet or rug, especially in hot environments. Also, leaving the battery chargers in direct sunlight or very cold areas may damage them.

Store Neatly When Not in Use

Most device chargers now come with a separate USB cable and a power adapter. When not in use, disconnect the USB cable from the charger head. Keeping the USB cables plugged in can cause damage if folded haphazardly from the head side.

Use a surge protector

Surge protectors help protect your chargers from voltage fluctuations. Too high voltage or too low voltage can damage both your charger and the device it is charging. A surge protector would take the hit on behalf of your charger especially during storms or in buildings with poorly designed circuits.

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Tobenna Ezike

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