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Government Urged to Cash in on the Fela Brand

Following the visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to the New Africa Shrine of Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, last week, many Nigerians on Twitter have called on the Federal government to brand the prodigy’s story and legacy as a means of attracting tourists to the country.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s personal life, music, activism, and doggedness in the face of widespread political oppression will continue to fascinate people all over the world. Furthermore, the legend is renowned as the pioneer of the music genre, Afro Beat which has been adopted worldwide.

Fela remains an international brand even in death. He arouses the curiosity of music lovers, political enthusiasts and human rights activists alike. The relevance and popularity of his music and style continue to grow. This is more than ever in the face of international pop stars sampling his music. In addition, his life and achievement have and continue to be chronicled across stage plays in Africa.

One of the proponents with the Twitter name, Mr Bond tweeted:

If President Emmanuel Macron could visit the Afrika Shrine in Lagos to #CelebrateAfricanCulture, then truly, we are yet to really understand and appreciate the value of Fela!
Pele is considered a National Asset in Brazil.
What have we done with Fela?
Fela is enough tourism!
— Mr. Bond 💭 (@iam_realjayson) July 3, 2018

Advocates are of the opinion that the government can generate huge revenues from his legacy. Especially, if a structured guide on the life and times of the music legend is put in place, it will boost tourism.

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Akwaowo Willie

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