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So You Want to Be a Consultant?

Becoming a consultant is a great way to put your business experience and skills to use by helping others improve their businesses. There are many types of consultants, from management consultants who help executives make their organizations more efficient, to IT consultants who help companies implement the right IT solutions, to philanthropy consultants who help non-profit organizations raise funds. Whichever consulting niche you decide to focus on, there are a few things you should consider first.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Answering some simple questions can go a long way in determining if you will be successful as a consultant. Take a few minutes to think through these couple questions:

-What marketable skills do I have?

To differentiate yourself from the crowd, you’ll need to specialize in a niche. For example, an IT consultant might specialize in cyber security issues; a management consultant might specialize in business process improvement. What specialty will you focus on?

-Am I good at sales?

You’ll need sales and marketing know-how to network, form relationships and pitch your services to clients. Consultants must constantly seek referrals and leads and be able to present their value in a clear and convincing manner.

-Do I manage time well?

Consultants must be effective time managers to juggle their clients’ demands and to maximize their billable hours. Keep in mind, not everything you work on is billable.

Steps to Getting started

-Incorporate your consultancy business:

Your business should be duly registered with the cooperate affairs commission. Sometimes a certificate or accreditation may be required to get your company registration in your name as a director. Kindly make proper enquiry to know how to approach the procedure.

– Get an accreditation of quality assurance

Your knowledge bank is important in securing consulting jobs and retaining clients. As a knowledge worker, you need to assert your position as proficient and can deliver on the job by your Accredited Consultant licence. In most developed part of the world our accredited is a must to operate as consultant.

– Keep improving on you:

Professional continuous development program will furnish you with the necessary update and treads in the consulting industry and this is essential for the renewal of your consulting licence every two years.

-Join the Association of Accredited Consultants:

Iron sharpens iron. Within the Association of Accredited Consultants business ideas and network are shared, making each member stronger at the profession.

-Learn from Tufts Management School, sign up for the consultant boot camp session

“The art and business of Consulting can be learnt!”

“The management consultancy role is becoming increasingly important in assisting line management to handle the problems of innovation and change. The Accredited Consultant in Management designation represents a hallmark and commitment to the highest ethical standards of the profession.”

Accredited Management Consultant Course will sharpen your consulting skills with up-to-date techniques and tools!

Time to sharpen your skills!

To commemorate with ConnectNigeria on their anniversary a discounted fee of N200,000 is offered to time 10 professionals who use the code: ConnectNigeria018


Date: July 24th-26th, 2018

Regular fees:

Course fee: N 350, 500

Early bird: N295, 000


-3 days Consultant Boot Camp Sessions

-Assessment and examination as qualifying criteria

-Membership of consultant association abroad

-Award of Accredited Consultant in Management certificate by

International Management Consultant Board


To Register:

Call: +234 809 870 1002 | + 234 703 033 2410

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