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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 4 Health-Centric Platforms You Should Be Following

Social Media has succeeded in giving a chance to each and every sector in existence. The health sector is one of these and it is amazing how some individuals are taking it to another level through. These individuals use their platforms to save lives and sensitize the society regarding health-related topics that have seemed alien for a long time. Here are some platforms by doctors that are created for this particular purpose and why you should follow them.

Pinnacle Medical Nigeria

Maymunah Kadiri, popularly referred to as the Celebrity Shrink, is taking mental health awareness to another plane using social media as a tool. With over 15 years as a practicing physician, she has garnered all the credentials necessary to educate the public on psychogenic ailments that are often overlooked. She is a Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist and a member of the National Post-Graduate Medical College of Nigeria (FMCPsych) with a wide range of experience in areas like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma, and Stress Management.

Starting out on Twitter, she gained thousands of followers by dropping pieces of advice about mental health. Since then, she has gone a step further to spread her message by launching Pinnacle Medical Servicesa platform that centers on psychological behavior and mental health-related issues.  She also launched Pinnacle Health Radio – an internet radio station – where she airs her view on mental health issues and doles out practical advice. She recently produced a health-themed themed movie called Pepper Soup. Dr. Kadiri has gone the extra mile to get the whole country talking about mental health by engaging in various platforms and sensitizing programmes.


With a mission to save at least 1 million lives in 10 years, this brilliant initiative enables hospitals to discover blood and other medical facilities and get them delivered in the right condition. Temie Giwa-Tuboson is a Nigerian-American Health Manager and the founder of LifeBank (formerly One Percent Project), a blood sourcing and delivery service. She first saw the need for a service such as LifeBank when she experienced a difficult pregnancy and discovered that the biggest cause of maternal mortality in Africa is something called Post-Partum Hemorrhage.

After returning to Nigeria 2012, she did her research and her conviction was reinforced when she realized children under the age of 5 sick with malaria, accident victims, cancer patients, kidney dialysis patients, and many other patients were in dire need of blood. With this information, she set up LifeBank to not only provide blood to hospitals in need of it but to also educate the public on their blood types. LifeBank’s Instagram account is open  to all those interested in information about blood donations and blood-related ailments.

25 Doctors Facts

Charles Davies Omiete, the curator of 25 Doctors Factsenlightens people about their bodies through his posts on Instagram. Together with a team of other online doctors, Charles provides answers to puzzling questions from his audience about the human body. The Instagram page which has over 200 thousand followers (comprising of international followership) contains amazing health nuggets for the inquisitive mind and individuals who are in need of health-related information. 25 Doctors has also branched into other categories including 25 Doctors Drive, 25 Doctors Poll, 25 Doctors Tip, and 25 Doctors. 

Med-Q Health Magazine

Med-Q Health Magazine, hosted by Edafe Omuabor, has gone digital, bringing health-related content to the public more than ever before. The Med-Q Instagram account is also another go-to platform for people seeking health-related content online. Dr. Omuabor’s goal with Med-Q Health Magazine is to promote growth in the health sector and change the mode of health service delivery. He is a health blogger, strategist, author, and Med-Q TV host.

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