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Top 5 Laptop Brands In 2018

Buying a new laptop can a bit tasking when you consider the different brands to choose from. The variety should make it easier but the real challenge is knowing what manufacturer is going to offer you a premium and value for money.

When looking for a new laptop, you want a machine that won’t need repairs for the first few years, and one that’s reliable with good performance. Check out our list of good laptop brands to consider when making your purchase.


Apple is the king of premium products and their MacBook line of devices are known for their top notch reliability and strong build. They offer a wide range of devices including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and the 12” MacBook. Their devices offer peak performance and very impressive battery life that doesn’t suffer from performance drop-offs or fluctuation.

Apple products are quite pricey ($1000+) and might be a bit much for the average buyer. Apple devices are also mostly aimed at work professionals and maybe college students that can afford to get one.


Microsoft jumped into the hardware market not too long ago and they’ve been delivery quality premium devices with their Surface line of devices. They only make a handful of devices including the surface laptop, surface Book and surface pro(a tablet with keyboard). They even have a desktop-like Surface Studio that’s great for graphics designers.

The PCs are very reliable and offer sterling performance with great battery life and customer support. They’re great for students and professionals alike too. Designers would enjoy them since most of the devices come with a touchscreen and a Surface pen for input.


HP has been the long standing king of laptops and a very popular brand. They make laptops for every class of persons – students, professionals, gamers, enterprise. Their enterprise PCs are designed with workplace security and basic professional features at the forefront. They have quite the number of models to choose from – Envy, Pavilion, Probook, Elitebook, Spectre, etc. So there’s something for everyone.

They offer low priced PCs that will meet the needs of the average user. They also pretty premium devices for heavy users who require a lot of performance to get work done. The latest HP laptop products are faster, more powerful, and easier for consumers to adopt for their personal projects.


Dell laptops, particularly the Ultrabook line, offer cool ultraportable laptops that work great, have powerful specs, and don’t give up on you too soon. If you need a PC for work or school and want it to last for as long as possible, Dell’s machines are a great choice.

Its latest XPS models include the latest screen resolutions, connections, and software and great internals and specs. They also offer great customer support should you hit a snag with your PC.


Lenovo has a fantastic product lineup. From its ThinkPad laptops which receives lots of good reviews from users to the versatile Yoga line. Their products are high performing and they offer a wide range of devices that cater for you despite the size of your budget. They also have good gaming PCs.

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