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The Problem-solving Publiseer 

The creative works of artists, writers, musicians, and other art-inclined individuals remain futile unless they are displayed for the world to see and appreciate. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In third world countries especially, aspiring artistes struggle to get their works noticed because they lack the necessary funds and resources. Publishing a piece of music or literary work, for example, on the World Wide Web requires some form of payment most times and due to this factor, many artists find it difficult to promote their work and remain unknown. With, however, this does not have to be the case anymore. Promising authors and artists now have a platform where they can not only publish their work but have it done at no cost.

Twin Brothers Ahead Of Their Time

Chidi and Chika Nwaogu, two intense brothers passionate about abstract things that were not conventional with the normal mind, found themselves a mismatch among their peers while in school. With each futile attempt to share their revolutionary thoughts and ideas with their classmates, they extrapolated that there was a possibility they wouldn’t blend with future work colleagues if they couldn’t blend with their classmates and so they set out on the path of entrepreneurship.

At age 13, they had already started programming and were set for the “internet life” in which they would later build a social media network LAGbook (which grew from zero to one million registered members within three years and was sold to a Canadian company) and PRAYHoUSe (which presently has a readership of over 200,000 and is the largest prayer utility on the web) which  was acquired by Texan based non-profit organisation, Ten Doves Charity. Having proved to be successful with two startups, Chidi and Chika are on the journey to impact the publishing industry good. 

Giving Writers And Musicians A Platform To Be Heard

If there is one ideology that influenced the creation of Publisheer, it is the fact that opportunity always meets talent. In the course of their careers, Chidi and Chika, came across several brilliant minds and talented individuals who shared one thing in common: the desire to be heard. This hope of being heard is unfortunately stifled by the inability to pay for their works to be seen. With this realization in mind, the duo were inspired to establish Publisheer, a platform for writers and musicians to publish their work for free.

How To Get Your Work Published

Authors or artists who want to publish on must first ensure that they meet a required standard before their work can be published.The protocol involves sending work through email or via the website. A decision is made within five days regarding whether or not their work will be published. Most times, Publisher ends up publishing less than 50% of the work they receive because of the high standards they hold their users to. Authors or artistes whose works have been found publishable receive an email notifying them of the decision to publish their work. If an author, however, receives no notification within five working days, it simply means their work won’t be getting published. With this system in place, has succeeded in creating a conducive environment for its users.

The Publishing Process

Once artistes/authors have been licensed to send in their work for publishing, the actual process of publishing the work across various media is left for to handle. Special services available to authors include professional book covers, unique ISBN numbers, worldwide book distribution via online stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, and more, press release drafting/distribution, standard book formatting, and EPUB file conversion for easy distribution.

Artistes are not left out of the equation as they also enjoy their fair share of benefits; their recorded songs are distributed across online stores like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Shazam, amongst others. Additional services such as free professional cover art, unique UPC number, press release drafting/distribution, and FLAC file conversion for easy distribution are also made available to them. These services come at no cost. The only exemption to this, however, comes when artistes/authors want to speed up the publishing process instead of waiting for two weeks; hence, Publiseer charges a fee.

How The Platform Achieves Monetization

According to the founders, the most notable distinction between and its competitors (BookBaby and CDBaby) is the zero-charge it places on its publishing services. With a system such as this in place, how then does earn revenue? The answer lies in the sales of works (books or songs) published on the website.  The revenue earned from these sales is shared between Publiseer and authors/artistes on a 50/50 basis; authors/artistes get 25%, Publiseer also gets 25% while the store keeps the remaining 50%. Payment is made once the royalty accumulates to an amount of $20 (₦7200).

If you’re an artiste or musician, will help publicize your work by distributing it across major media platforms. It is indeed the go-to website for creative minds.

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