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Tomisin Ogunnubi


Anyone Can Learn Coding: Tomisin Ogunnubi Built First Own Mobile App At 12

Over the course of the past few years, tech-evangelists have consistently and unflinchingly spread the gospel of tech and software development, especially for the youths of the country who are stuck in the unemployment cycle and scared for the future.

One of such evangelistic partnerships between ICT firm – “New Horizon” and Vivian Fowler Memorial College, saw the unveiling of Tomisin Ogunnubi, a young tech talent who is already changing the narrative for kids her age.

At the age of 12, young Tomisin built her first mobile app called My Locator, which would help kids save and share their location, get directions, and make distress calls in the event of an emergency. The app is available on the google play store and has garnered over a thousand downloads since it was released in 2016.

Tomisin has achieved a number of great feats including being accepted by Yale University to attend the Young Global Scholars summer program organized for outstanding high school students. Keystone Bank of Nigeria presented her with the sum of $4000 (Four Thousand Dollars) as sponsorship for her to participate in the program.

She also has several other awards won in different locations including Canada, US and UK. Her father took to social media to celebrate her graduation from Vivian Fowler Memorial College with 16 merit awards, including the best graduating student.

The young tech talent is presently working on a website where teenagers can buy and sell goods, which will also boost the entrepreneurial spirit amongst youths.

With the attention of the international community already on Tomisin Ogunnubi, the future is very bright for her and the sky truly her starting point.

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