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Man Cave: Are Colour Combos A Yes Or A No?

There’s something I’ve noticed in the endless streams of monotonous looks found at offices or formal gatherings. It takes a daring man to try colour combinations when it comes to clothing. Ask a man what a fuchsia or mauve shirt looks like and he’ll probably think you’re making up the words or attempting to prank him.

Different options of colour combinations for men

I understand how tricky it can be to combine colours for your place of work because there are usually certain restrictions or unspoken rules that are prevalent at the office. However, there are subtle ways you can combine colours for office or formal events that will turn heads.

When starting out, it is generally advised one should get a black or navy-blue suit as you can never go wrong with that. That and a dozen white shirts, and you are ready for work. If you are comfortable with that, this article isn’t for you. But if you are willing to be a bit more daring with the way you dress or you are a fashion lover like me, then dig in:

Here are four colour combinations you can start with

Camel/Brown and Blue/Burgundy – This is a good start for a fashion lover. All you need is a Brown or Camel colour Chinos trouser and a blue or burgundy shirt. A very light shade of blue is an ideal blue. You can use a navy-blue jacket for an alternative look.
burgundy suit

Deep Blue and Lilac – A lilac is a very light shade of purple. Rather than a plane white blazer on your blue shirt, a lilac or a light yellow shirt is a good way t go.


Purple, Wine or Burnt Orange Suit – Something different than your black and navy-blue suit? Go for a deep purple suit. It brings some light into your fashion life, and your white shirts won’t also be going to waste. A wine suit is also another interesting alternative. Want to step out even more? Try a burnt orange jacket on black pants and white shirts and you will be causing the stare.
burnt orange blazer

Patterned and Wool suits – While I normally wouldn’t advise wool suits because of our Nigerian humidity, a variety shades of wool suits from army green to deep blue to dark grey are splendid options. Their texture makes it all the more alluring. Patterned suits are also one of my personal favourites. Nothing speaks class like a mature cool coloured patterned suit.
patterned suit


On the next post, we will talk about colour combinations for casual wears and informal events.

Are there colours you have tried that got you compliments, please share in the comment section below.


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Ademola Adesanya

Ade is a freelance graphics designer. He is all about branding - personal or business - and believes in standing out.

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