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‘Bake It’ With Cheech: Replacing Butter In Recipes

Because we often get recipes online, we come across recipes written by people who live in countries where butter is very cheap to purchase.

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Because butter isn’t as affordable in Nigeria, a lot of bakers substitute it with margarine. Now, margarine removes the creamy texture and taste butter adds to a recipe.

So here are two tips to help with those issues, one of which I mentioned in my last post on brownies.

  1. When dealing with any recipe that requests for melted butter, you can always substitute it with margarine or vegetable oil or both! This doesn’t take much away from the recipe. In my opinion, you can’t taste the difference.
  2. This second tip is more specifically for cakes. To add moisture and improve taste and texture of a cake, add milk (half of the volume should be evaporated milk and the other half should be water). Add the sugar. Milk and sugar are moisteners and flavor boosters.
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Chinyere Raychelle Otiocha

Raychelle is a 24-year-old certified Pastry Chef who recently relocated to Nigeria, more specifically, Port Harcourt, to spread her love of all things sweet. She specialize in cakes but does all sorts of pastries and desserts, some of which she will be sharing on 'Bake It With Cheech'.

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