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Concatenate International Developer Conference to Hold in Lagos

Conferences, meetups and other events are quite very important to the global developer community. It’s always a time to share knowledge and be inspired by experts in the industry and also network with fellow developers. Organized by top developer- Christian Nwamba; Microsoft Senior Developer- Sarah Drasner; and Cloud Developer Advocate- Brian Holt; Concatenate conference is going to be the largest international developer conference to be hosted in the country.

The event will feature talks and sessions from top developers across the world. Developers and tech enthusiast will engage in discussions ranging from web frameworks to design system, performance, and animation.

The idea for the conference was birthed after front row Nigerian developer and tech evangelist Christian Nwamba, a.k.a Codebeast, took to Twitter to rant about his repeated visa denials, which has deterred him from speaking at international events. Prosper Otemuyiwa, another star developer, also attested to having experienced the ordeal. As a result, the international community of developers decided to bring home our very own global tech conference.

The conference holds on August 9th and 10th at Zone Tech Park, Lagos, Nigeria.  The two-day international developer conference will feature 23 speakers from around the world including Ire Aderinokun, Sean Thomas Larkin, and Wesbos. This first edition will be anchored by none other than Prosper Otemuiywa a.k.a Unicodeveloper.

Perks of attending the conference include free stickers, books and online subscriptions from the likes of Cloudinary, Scotch School., Frontend Masters, and CodeSandbox are also supporting the event with raffle gifts.

Cloudinary, Microsoft, GitLab, Mozilla, and Zone Tech Park are some of the many sponsors of the event. See Conference schedule here.

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