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Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: House Of Nini

Hootini Ventures was unveiled at Tilt Terrace in Lekki Phase One in 2017. At the occasion, the proud founder, Otini Enefola, a social media influencer and style blogger beamed cheerfully and showed her appreciation to all her social media fans and supporters worldwide that had made it possible for her to come that far. In her own words: “There wouldn’t be House of Nini without you guys, greetings to my business partners, my clients and the distinguished member of the Press. Welcome you all once again”.

House of Nini now Hootini Ventures would later go on to become one of the SMEs to win Connect Nigeria Top 100 SMEs competition sponsored by Union Bank. As an evidence of its exploits, Hootini Ventures came in the 4th place among Connect Nigeria Top 100 SMEs with a total of 592 votes and it emerged as the top winner among the brands that fell into the fashion segment.

Inspired by her love for beautiful African pieces, Otini Enefola founded Hootini Ventures and since then has been making bespoke wears primarily for women and also men. Hootini Ventures is yet another platform that is producing Ankara wears on a grand scale and thus ensuring a promising economy in the future. Otini’s Instagram page, Hootini Ventures, which displays various beautiful blends of combination and fashion, has over 40,000 followers and places her as a brand influencer.

Otini is pushing fashion boundaries with her brand by designing African outfits in western style. This is apparent in the different pictures of her rocking beautiful Ankara-styled jumpsuits which she displays proudly and elegantly. With the momentum that has been given to Hootini Ventures by  the Connect Nigeria Top 100 Emerging SMEs , the brand has all the promise to soar higher and higher in the Nigerian fashion sector.

You can find Hootini Ventures on Instagram here.


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