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Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: TroggeUrban

Founded August 1st, 2015, TroggeUrban is an incubation company focused on accelerating tech start-ups in the retail and consumer sector. The company was founded by David Lanre Messan who, before TroggeUrban, had pioneered several initiatives that were geared towards empowering young entrepreneurial talents with resources that will help them run their businesses and also help people develop their ideas into profitable ventures.

Sustainable Employment

TroggeUrban, or TRU, was founded with one mission in mind: to foster sustainable employment for one million youths in Africa by 2030 while creating 1000 retail and technology based businesses. The company thrives by finding talents and developing their entrepreneurship skills, and also deploying them to run businesses internally owned by TroggeUrban.

Among some of the businesses incubated and owned by TroggeUrban are:

Urbanspace, a music video streaming service that pays the artiste and the user. It is designed to empower African artistes.

TRUbiker, a transportation and logistics company designed to seamlessly enable transactions between traders and consumers.

Estate Investors, a real estate hub for potential or existing investors that delivers exclusive real estate deals to its members.

The company also has a plethora of other businesses including Doove, TRUshopp and Akubey.

TroggeUrban has worked with notable clients like the Lagos State Government, Friska Farm, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Avienti Travels, Westbridge Design & Construction Limited amongst others.

A wealth of services

TRU also offers digital marketing services to its clients. They provide strategic insights and utilise creative devices such as storytelling to promote their clients’ businesses. They also have online products such as a blog, email marketing and live social media services that can help improve brand awareness and value.

Generally, TroggeUrban has been powering business projects across several sectors including projects across transport, retail, consumables, gold, and real estate. It also aims to drive even more talents, brands and businesses with better strategies for marketplace growth.

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