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Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: VP Grasse – Nigeria’s No.1 Artificial Grass Company

How do I get artificial grass that will not do me or my kids any injury? Where can I find an artificial grass installation company that can handle this huge project and fit into the very best grade of artificial grass for my sport’s centre? Think no more, VP Grasse has got you covered.

VP Grasse is Nigeria’s foremost Artificial Grass company. They specialize in the design and installation of artificial grass prepared and selected solely for your comfort and convenience.

Their expertise range from home installations to school playgrounds, sports centres, walkways, estates, hospitals, airfields and many more. VP Grasse has been around for 11 years, combining the benefits of natural turf with optimum playing comfort and maximum safety in bringing your dream green space to life.

The artificial grass installation big gun takes pride in its use of artificial turfs and cutting-edge technologies to offer environmental aesthetics that are very resistant to difficult climatic changes and offer improved and consistent playing conditions.

Artificial grass was first used at the end of the 1960s in the Houston Astrodome, and ever since, its popularity has only increased with many more acknowledging its benefits as a substitute for natural grass.

So why not contact VP Grasse today to get the best deal for your comfort.

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