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ConnectNigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: Kellyzolae Shopping

Online fashion stores are many. They are, on the whole, quite easily accessible; on social media platforms such as Instagram, you’re just a hashtag away from finding a variety of such stores, displaying pictures of their wares on their pages, as they would on the hangers and shelves in brick-and-mortar shops. If you were scrolling through these sites, you’d almost certainly be spoiled for choice. It’s no easy thing to stand out in this crowded space, but this is exactly what Kellyzolae Shopping has achieved.

Its service has attracted a strong following and won it plaudits from its many customers. More recently, it has been recognized as one of Nigeria’s best-emerging businesses, securing a spot among ConnectNigeria’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs.

Kellyzolae’s wins haven’t just sprung up in a vacuum. Oluwakemi Shoyinka Abu, the company’s CEO and creative director, started it in 2009. Its beginnings weren’t any different from what you would expect of a typical small business: a registered name and a few things to sell. She’s almost ten years in, and the venture has experienced measurable growth.

Today, Kellyzolae is more than just a modest fashion shop. There’s a big collection of shoes, bags, corporate and casual outfits, wristwatches and jewellery on sale at its online sites and offline location in the Ojodu area of Lagos. These products are aimed at middle and upper-class men and women.

Kellyzolae also has a couple of supporting business arms, which have developed as their parent company has expanded. One of these is Kellyz Africana, a Made in Nigeria fashion outlet which sells handcrafted traditional clothing and accessories, including ankara, aso oke, and adire. Handbags, laptop bags, shoes and mobile phone cases, are all available as well, in locally themed designs.

Deliveries are a part of Kellyzola’s business processes. A distinct venture, KlzXpress Delivery, emerged from this aspect, and now serves the logistics warehousing needs of other businesses. Its cargo transport service promises pickup and same day delivery for customers residing in Lagos.

Kellyzolae’s focus extends beyond its regular product sales. The company organizes training sessions for people looking to learn the textile craft for local fabrics. It also has an annual yard sales event for entrepreneurs.

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