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Banky W 'Running After You'


The Story Behind Banky W’s “Running After You” Video

Bank W’s Running After You is one of the tracks off the album Songs About U; his 2017 EP which was a compilation of songs written for and dedicated to his wife. Running After You is about how they came together;  the music video took a dramatic turn at the last minute.

Celebrating marriages

Trust Banky W to come up with something outstandingly different. The video is a drastic departure from the original casting plan. Banky W at the last minute decided that very little had been done in the music industry to celebrate successful marriages, and that beyond the scenic proposals and colourful weddings, actual marital life isn’t without challenges, hence couples who stay together deserve to be celebrated.

“Do you ever think about the fact that there aren’t too many celebrations of Married life on Music Television? There’s a lot of hooking up and twerking, and a lot of dating, consummating and flirting… and there is a whole lot of proposals-and-wedding day music videos..but there aren’t too many celebrations of the married life that comes afterwards. We just kind of, focus so much on the wedding day itself, and assume, hope and pray that they lived happily ever after.

“If there’s one thought I’d like for people to take away, it’s that… Nobody’s perfect, but you can be perfect for each other – you just have to find someone worth trying for. Run after her, then run with her, until you conquer “forever” together. And while you attempt to do this, don’t forget to have some fun.”

— Banky W


The video was put together within 24 hours of inviting the singer’s married friends who were in town and available at the time to be part of his new video, notably Nollywood couple Osas and Gbenro Ajibade, media personality Toolz and her husband captain Tunde Demuren, Noble and Chioma Igwe, Aurelien and Tosyn, Papi J and Kaffy, Ik and Olo Ogbonna, who looked rather interesting in their pirates costume. The eventual video after the shoot is embellished with elaborate animation by Tise.

The song features talented singer, Nonso Amadi, who was formerly nominated for a Headies award. It was Produced by Banky Wellington and Debola, and directed by Banky Wellington.

Enjoy the video, and let us know which other couples you would have loved to see in this video:


Nobody do it like you

Nobody do it like you

Calling your phone, how can you put me on hold

What do you want me to say after the tone

I wanna make you mine

Don’t waste time, don’t waste time

I running after to you shawty

Now you know I can’t stop now

Cause I’m running

Girl I keep running

Cause I’m running

Girl I keep running

I don’t wanna pretend

I’m swimming in a deep end

From the very first day I seen you

Couldn’t wait till the weekend

I was all up in you dm’s

Saying maybe we can be friends

I don’t want to pressure you, no

Know you got some questions

If you give me all of that, yeah

Imma give everything that I got

You must be a murderer, yeah

Love the way you slay me

Baby don’t stop

Can’t you see

Recognise that you and me

We’re on a right track, Eternally

(Tell me would you like that?)

Said I’m falling in love that is why I am running

Girl I keep running

Cause I’m running

Girl I keep running

I don’t want you

To ask me why I’m acting crazy now

Girl you’re fine like

Summertime like

You’re my sunshine, you’re my light

It’s your fault

I don lose my mind, so girl don’t blame me now

If you like, for a lifetime you’ll be mine

We will go overseas o

We can fly, baby Imma take you anywhere you like

I’m on cloud nine anytime you come around

Thinking we can his forever if you’re down

You’re all I see, I dey blind

Doper than weed, you get me high

Girl I’m falling in love nor be lie

Girl I’m falling in love that is why I keep running

Girl I keep running

Cause I’m running

Girl I keep running

[Nonso Amadi &Banky W:]

Yeah, yeah, listen, okay…

Give my life for you, I go fight anyone

Sacrifice for you, I go fall on my sword

Key to my heart’s for you, when you walk through the door

Get pass the past, we won’t hurt anymore, yeah

Please believe me like a pries of God spoke this

Love is easy like a beat from Nonso, yes

Never leave me baby please do not go

Please do not go

Please do not go


Cause I’m running

Girl I keep running

I wanna make you mine

Don’t waste time, don’t waste time

I running after to you shawty

Cause I’m running

Girl I keep running

No, nobody do me like you

Nobody do me like you, no

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