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Top 5 Websites For Food Delivery

In the 21st century, food delivery is gradually becoming one of the many things that make the world go round. From the working class mother, who is too busy to cook, to the worker who hardly has time for breaks, food delivery is an easy way to alleviate stress and save time. Here are some websites that have made their names in the food delivery industry in Nigeria. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an indication of some of the best websites where food can be ordered for and delivered in an efficient manner:

Jumia Food

Jumia Food, formerly Hello Food, is changing the way food delivery in Nigeria, based on efficiency, reach and timeliness is peceived. With a variety of quality restaurants falling into different categories including Chinese, Italian, Thai, Continental, Nigeria dishes and many more, Jumia Food aims to improve customer service in a more unconventional approach. Jumia Food recently took its services mobile by introducing its smart app; the app uses a specialized tracking software called Urban Naija which enables its customer service team track food orders from the moment they are being placed to the moment they arrive at the at the customer’s location. With all these features and more incoming ones, Jumia Food has rapidly risen to become one of the best food delivery services in Nigeria.

Area Chops:

Taking the lead with Jumia Food as a first-rate food delivery service in Nigeria, Area Chops is rapidly growing its directory of restaurants that provide food on a daily basis. Presently, it boasts of having over 50 restaurants to order from in Lagos. Area Chops also has a food blog on its website where it provides information on different delicacies and food for the foodies and health-conscious individuals. Like Jumia Food, Area Chops recently released its mobile app to make its meal ordering process more seamless for its customers.


GingerBox was founded to serve those interested in living the ‘fit’ life. They were formerly known as Jaramall, a food service offering a wide range of items, but after they rebranded, GingerBox switched their services to primarily fruit delivery. As the name implies, GingerBox delivers boxes of food to its customers in offices, homes, school, and anywhere else they are.     

So Fresh

“Health” is the watchword of this fast-growing food chain. Founded in 2010, So Fresh caters to a health-conscious audience by providing them with a wide range of fresh, nutritious, and healthy meals. The meals they provide include fresh salads, smoothies, juices, parfait and other healthy food choices. So Fresh’s primary objective is to create a healthy populace that will lead to the success of Nigeria as a nation.

Smoothie Express:

Smoothie Express was co-founded by two young ladies to assist people in reaching their health goals by utilizing the ideal diet. With this objective, Smoothie Express delivers richly blended fruit smoothies to customers in various institutions. These smoothies are thoughtfully categorized to suit the young, elderly, fitness enthusiasts, people on a weight loss journey, and bodybuilders. By providing smoothies, Smoothie Express aims to make healthier food options more available to people around the world.

With all these food services in place, people now have different categories of food to order for depending on what goals they have in mind (taste, health, and convenience).


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