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Made In Nigeria: Luxury Tricycles


Made In Nigeria: Luxury Tricycle

Proven more times than it has been recorded —pure innovation only births more innovation.

Nigerians are sure not taking a back seat on this one with mind blowing well-thought creations that keep the hopes for our great country burning.

About a month ago, it was the brilliant production of an electrically powered tricycle made in Aba. Today it is the grandest tricycle yet assembled in Nigeria. 

Luxury Tricyle

This tricycle, a first of it kind, sports a very distinctive design with an extra tyre at the back that makes it look just like a minu SUV. And that’s not all —fitted with hugely reliable water cooled single cylinder 4 stroke engines, an electric fan for good ventilation, and just enough space at the rear, it can easily transport three to six passengers (including the driver) at a time without stressing the engine.

For many who rely on the popular kept keke-napeps for their day to day activities, this innovation is as good as it gets for the keke which originally do not have doors (although some keke napep have shades at the sides to protect passengers from getting drenched during the rainy seasons).

There are reports of price speculations for the luxury keke-napeps, however the manufacturers are yet to divulge the actual cost of a luxury tricycle.

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Achem Samuel

Achem Samuel is a writer and a musician, he is passionate about God and also an ardent fan of tech, sports and music.

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