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Microsoft 70-761 Exam: 6 Top Web Resources for Preparation

Microsoft community accredits millions of professionals with IT certifications on various IT fields. 70-761 is one of the Microsoft’s certification exams and the first part of a three series exam designed for MCSA certification. The exam is meant to introduce the learners to the world of SQL Server. The candidates are validated with the knowledge to manage and query data in a T-SQL server. 70-761 targets the SQL Server system engineers, database administrators, and system developers who are interested in learning the querying skills of T-SQL. The main modules that are attached to 70-761 exam involve the wide application of SQL databases.The current company’s systems have advanced their data management and now T-SQL server is the tool utilized. The main topics that are covered in this Microsoft 70-761 exam are:

  • Data management with T-SQL
  • T-SQL advanced components used in querying data
  • Database programming using T-SQL

The knowledge gained by deeply learning these topics and involving oneself in labs session will lead to the profound application of T-SQL concepts. The exam takes the candidate into the advanced world of programming databases which are not prone to attacks. Besides, the objective of this exam is to ensure that the candidate understands the integrity constraints and the normalization steps that are taken when designing a database. This has been ensured by having 70-761 exam to test the knowledge and ultimately certifies the candidates who pass the exam. It is important for the candidates preparing for this exam to note that 70-761 exam has the following conditions and characteristics:

  • Every candidate must score at least 70% to claim the certification.
  • 55-65 multiple-choice questions.
  • Time assigned for the completion is 90 minutes.
  • $165 is charged for every candidate who wishes to do this exam.

It is globally known that Microsoft offers the best certification when it comes to technology and 70-761 is not an exception. The exam PrepAway Microsoft MCSA 70-761 Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps that is highly required and considered is always tough. This article will provide you with the top resources you can use when preparing for this exam. The only trick that can be applied to solve any challenging situation is to prepare for it. The candidates who prepare using these resources often come out successfully.

  1. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft provides a virtual training for its candidates too. This training comes with various benefits to the candidates since the preparation on Microsoft is made simple. The candidate will have the following benefits:

  • Free Microsoft Azure Sign-up
  • Free Visual Studio download
  • Access to Azure-Machine learning.

Besides, these benefits are accompanied by a series of training modules that are intended to enlighten the candidate’s understanding of T-SQL concepts. The training modules include self-assessment, lectures, hands-on labs sessions, and demos.

  1. Amazon

The resources from Amazon are also considered the best in IT certification. It provides a book that introduces you to the beginning of Microsoft SQL server in preparation for 70-761 exam. It demonstrates the fundamentals of SQL programming and how they can be applied on the updated SQL Server. Finally, it shares the techniques for creating tables and rows, XML programming and utilizing SQL Server to perform reports as well as also integration services.

  1. Itzik’s Books

Itzik Ben-Gan is a benevolent author who has produced several books intended for the enhancement of SQL learning. They mark the starting point of your career as a T-SQL administrator or programmer. The author has partnered with Microsoft and the candidates can order the books from the Microsoft Press. It’s a reliable resource which is really useful for your preparation, as every concept demonstrated is error-free.

  1. Channel 9

This is a platform that provides video tutorial that focuses on the knowledge of no-relational features that are considered when designing a database. It goes beyond the conventional relation that we normally follow when designing databases. The importance of this resource is that you will be able to design a database that handles big data. This big data is diverse and rapidly growing hence cannot be handled by relational databases since it takes no-relational data.

  1. Microsoft Course 20761C

This is the ideal training for this exam since it is from Microsoft which accredits the candidates with certificates. As the candidate, you will be able to choose between two types of training: on-demand training and classroom training. The on-demand training grants the candidate a three-months access to the training material while the classroom training takes a period of 5 days. The candidates who opt for the classroom training are mandated to attend to a live class in person, not represented.

This another site which is entrusted to give various IT-related training. The training from this resource does not differ with the popular Microsoft training. Your task is to have them with you and check whether there is an added feature that will help you tackle the exam effectively. The most important thing is to have is the required content and ExamCollection gives the best training that is updated every day a new feature is realized.

Alternatively, it is recommended that 70-761 candidates should join Microsoft community to interact with peers who are also curious of MCSA certification. There are several resources uploaded to benefit the candidates. The experienced trainers, as well as practitioners, are always available to guide whenever there is a concept to be elaborated. Besides, passing an exam does not require the best materials alone. The technique used to tackle exam matters than the content we have while doing an exam.


During this technology growing society, many innovations are fulfilled each day. The certified professionals are always the individuals who benefit. The important thing of all is to ensure that the certification is achieved easily and appropriately. The resources that a student use to revise contributes to our success by a large percentage. All the resources available in this article for PrepAway Microsoft MCSA 70-761 Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps provide the exact knowledge and skills to the candidate’s need.

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