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Official Press Release For Real Estate Unite 2018

The real estate sector, as one of the major components of the Nigerian economy that forms the main driving force for the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and large-scale employment generation encompasses manufacturing and service industries which includes; housing, agriculture, manufacturing industry, mining infrastructures and services.

Undoubtedly the most transformative sector of any economy and one of the most effective tools for poverty alleviation and job creation. Contributing meaningfully towards the vibrant development of the Nigerian economy, the sector is capable if adequately structured, of fast-tracking economic growth and development coupled with high level of massive employment creation thereby creating a better and sustainable future development.

However, there is a need to track this economic dynamism and advocate for policies that will address the many challenges inhibiting this lucrative sector from reaching its full potential.

Looking at how the future of the property market will be judged and how to unlock the advantages that abound in the real estate industry, that we continue our commitment to help drive the growth of the sector, says The Chief Executive of 3INVEST, Ruth Obih-Obuah, during the announcement ceremony of the 7th Edition of Real Estate Unite Summit scheduled to hold on Monday, September 17, 2018, at Eko Hotel, VI, Lagos.

Over the years, Real Estate Unite has gathered different levels of stakeholders, however, this year we would host one of a kind Industry Town Hall Format tagged “ The Conversation Summit”. Stakeholders in the public and private sector, industry players, legal practitioners, investors and other individuals alike will gather to engage in robust discussions on the issues that concern them in the sector and to discuss new developments with a view to unlocking a number of these bottlenecks stifling the real estate sector in Nigeria.

The event will address key major  issues;

  1. Connecting the dots between policy framework, legal and regulatory issues, and real estate growth in Nigeria
  2. The future of the real estate exploring technology as an innovative and transformative tool
  3. The Commercial real estate in Nigeria, what is the real demand?

Also speaking at the ceremony, “We must think wider and strongly advocate for collaboration between public and private sector. It is our duty to make the government see that we are innovators, giving them vital reasons why they should collaborate and making it clear that real estate is a transformative industry with potentials of alleviating poverty and creation jobs” says Kunle Omotola, Partner Adekunle Omotola and co. 

The property industry is one of the largest and most valuable asset classes in the world and the use of technology to improve this sector is on the rise. Our Agenda is to seek ways by which PropTech innovation and digital transformation are currently been applied by global property companies across different stages of the property sector.

Throwing a spotlight on the future of the real estate the CEO, FilmoRealty, Lugman Edu will provide an insightful overview in relation to not just how PropTech innovation and digital transformation are currently been applied by global property companies across different stages of the property sector but also how it shapes the future of real estate and how the industry is ready to embrace it.


‘’Basically, looking at the future of the real estate and proptech as an innovative and transformative tool, we should look at some of the areas where we have issues and see how we can apply these technologies that work to reduce them and make the real estate practices more efficient’’

– Ruth Obih-Obuah, CEO 3INVEST.

Remarkably, Real estate is one sector of the economy that has great prospects to thrive the economic downturn, as it has been observed to be growing in leaps and bounds under the influence of those who embody leadership, strength, conviction, power, persistence, perseverance and progress in the ecosystem.

Having captured the voices and efforts of these industry change agents, 7th edition of the summit is set to recognize the impact of 30 most influential industry’s brain trust, power brokers, deal-makers, and correlated entrepreneurs influencing and driving change within the property sector otherwise tagged  2018 UNITE 30 Most Influential people in the property sector.

Real Estate Unite 2018 will also feature as usual exhibitions of latest offerings from real estate product/service providers to an involved audience (B2B) that includes developers, suppliers, service providers etc. and attracts a wider B2C audience that includes investors, homebuyers, occupiers etc.


Real Estate Unite is the annual flagship event that provides an important platform for all sectors of Africa’s property industry to network, learn, transact, showcase and discuss opportunities and issues in global real estate yearly. Organised by 3INVEST, a real estate company with an advocacy goal to educate, redefine and promote the African Real Estate industry exposing its huge potential for inclusive growth. 

Interested contributors can register at

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