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App Of The Week: First Mobile

First Mobile is the app for all First Bank account holders. The app is enriched with a wide range of services to ensure that users can bank from the comfort of their own homes. Released in 2015, the app was designed with a simple and elegant interface to ensure that users navigate through it easily and have a pleasant experience on it.

An Overview Of Your Account 

First Mobile provides you with a detailed overview of your account. First, you get to view your cash balance so you can know what your status is. You can also view the history of all your debit and credit transactions on the app. These are listed chronologically with debits in red and credits in blue.


Funds Transfer

Transferring funds in the app involves a very straight-forward and easy process.  This service is particularly interesting because it allows you to:

  • Save Beneficiaries on The App 

This allows you to save more time and transfer funds easily because you can save the account numbers of all the people you make regular transactions with. Hence, you can easily send funds to saved beneficiaries within a few minutes without having to enter their details after the first time. All transactions above 50,000 require a token to generate a code.

  • Airtime Top-up

First Mobile has four networks operating on its platform namely,  Glo, Etisalat,  MTN,  and Airtel. The most apparent benefit of this feature is that users literally don’t have to go through the pains of scratching cards or entering bogus digits; all they have to do is click on the Network they use and enter the amount of airtime they want.


Users also get notifications on new banking trends, regulations and security warnings.

In an overall sense, First Mobile is a great relief for the First Bank account holder who can now bank at the click of a button.

Getting The App

The app is available on Google Play Store and iTunes. You can download it for free from any of these links:

Download First Mobile for iOS

Download First Mobile for Android

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