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ConnectNigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: Funpee Products and Services

Funpee Products and Services is a manufacturing and events service company based in Lagos. The business has a presence in multiple niches: it produces and retails an assortment of drinks and food, plans and coordinates events, distributes cleaning products, and runs an academy for aspiring entrepreneurs. That’s more than a handful of concerns to be handling, but this brand appears to be covering them quite well.

The efficiency with which Funpee has dispensed its services may account for its inclusion in the list of ConnectNigeria’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs. This recognition came as the culmination of a nomination and voting process which took place between February and June 2018. Funpee’s large following ensured that it came through from numerous entries and eventually placed with the first twenty businesses on our list.

Funmi Peters, who founded and currently runs Funpee Products and Services, says her business has come about from her long-standing love for cooking and making drinks.

“I remember vividly how much I loved to cook and prepare this special drink called zobo,” she explained in an interview with ConnectNigeria. “In my university days, I made money from drinks and cooking. I realized that it was a God-given talent when everyone who tasted demanded more.”

In 2016, Funmi started up the beverages section of her business. She’s succeeded in building a brand that’s now spreading into other concerns. According to her, the enterprise now runs with a mission to provide “healthy drinks, excellent bespoke events and catering services” which give customers real value for their money.

The variety of drinks on sale from Funpee include fruity zobo juice, smoothies, tiger nut milk, and Nigerian Chapman. These recipes are presented as useful for a range of purposes, from weight loss regimens to party cocktails. They’re all made from locally sourced raw materials, and blended to suit diverse tastes.

Funpee also provides small chops and other catering services for parties. But this is actually just a part of its wider involvement in events planning and coordination, an arm of its operations that’s run by its subsidiary, Funpee Kitchen and Events. They’re as involved with managing event budgets as they are with supplying spicy snacks for parties.

At Funpee’s cleaning products retail section, you’ll find liquid soaps, air fresheners, and cleaning liquids on sale. This part of the company also offers corporate cleaning services.

The brand is styled to appeal to the mass market and targets customers in the lower and middle-income classes. It serves hotels, retailers, restaurants, food vendors and event planners as well.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn the skills they need to grow their businesses at Funpee’s productivity and entrepreneurial training. These programmes tend to fairly priced; Funmi says they’re designed to empower women and youths with the skills they need to thrive as independent businesspeople.

Click here to visit the Funpee Products and Services site.

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