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Youth-Centric Pastors - Paul Adefarasin

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Social Media Accounts Follow: Top 5 Youth-Centric Pastors In Nigeria

Youth-Centric pastors are typically known for their vibrant services, short sermons, and eccentricity. Interestingly, these are the attributes that classify a full-fledged youth and hence it is not hard to see why youths love these kinds of churches.

Here are some of the top Nigerian pastors that are all about the youth and this is why the youths love them:

Paul Adefarasin 

Paul Adefarasin

If asked, most people would associate House On The Rock as a “youth loving” church. The church which was one of the first churches to garner the appeal* of thousands of youths in Nigeria is pastored by Paul Adefarasin. With his striking demeanor, eloquence and large body build, it is little wonder why youths flock to his church on a weekly basis for uplifting sermons and lively services. Moreover, he is the convener of “The Experience” which is the largest musical event in Nigeria. This annual event brings together hundreds of thousands of Christians and is highly anticipated by youths around the country.

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Bolaji Idowu

Bolaji Idowu

Founder and senior pastor of Harvesters International Christian Centre, Bolaji Idowu has tailored his church to be a youth-centric church to the core. The pastor is known for his great sense of humour and style and has a unique way of presenting even the most sensitive topics such as sex, dating, and marriage.

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Biodun Fatoyinbo 

Biodun Fatoyinbo

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the senior pastor of Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA), is always on point when it comes to style. Perhaps this is what draws the youths right into COZA’s territory or the entertaining and simple-styled manner in which he presents his sermons. Pastor Biodun has one clear goal in mind which is to “raise a takeover generation” and this seems to resonate with the thousands of youths that have trooped into his church over time.

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Samuel Adeyemi:

Rev. Sam Adeyemi

Samuel Adeyemi is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center; a church committed to raising “role models”. Through various programmes and seminars, he makes significant impact on the lives of the youth. An example is the free skill acquisition program (DSAP) that has trained over 4,000 youths. He is also the host of the popular programme – Success Power – which airs on radio and television channels within and outside Nigeria.

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Poju Oyemade 

Poju Oyemade

Once a protege to the bishop of the renowned Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, Poju Oyemade prides himself in guiding the youths on issues of life such as marriage, finance, business, and faith. He is the pastor of Covenant Christian Centre which is one of the fastest growing churches in Nigeria. The church holds five services every Sunday which is perhaps one of the reasons why youths find it appealing due to its flexible routine. Poju is also the host of several television programmes one of which is Insight for Living that airs on Channels Television, Silverbird Television, and Revelation Channel.

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