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Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: Lorla Naturals

When Beauty meets Agriculture, we get great products and Lorla Naturals is one of such unions.

Lorla Naturals provide Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care products and services to help you connect with Nature. Their natural approach with calming non-toxic, calming and earthy products, earned them the 71st  position with 122 votes in the Beauty and Wellness category in the  Connect Nigeria Top emerging 100 SME Awards.

About Lorla Naturals

Ibilola Odurinde is the Founder and CEO of Lorla Narturals ; she is also a skin care consultant. The company was born out of a passion to connect everyone with nature became operational in 2017. Their vision is to help people appreciate nature, marvel at the world while looking for answers to skin and health problems in natural remedies.

Lorla Naturals is known for using the finest natural and safe ingredients to handcraft products with utmost care and love. Their products are cruelty-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly. They hope to sensitise people about the need to get comfortable with their skin colour and live a toxic-free lifestyle.

Their journey, like any SME, has been fraught with challenges. Breaking into a market where people are more comfortable with imported foreign products has been tough. A lot of finance has been invested in the business and growth can only be imminent when people patronise Nigerian branded skin care products. One thing that keeps Lorla Naturals motivated to stay in business is the joy of being able to help people look their best and gain confidence in their skin. The honest feedback they get from clients who have used their products and got healed from a long-term skin disease or who noticed their natural skin glow is unquantifiable.

For marketing their products, they rely on social media and social networking platforms. Also, having word-of-mouth testimony helps a great deal to remove the burden of paid advertising from this young business.


It’s their desire that people live in harmony with the earth as they experience the natural beauty all around them. So launched products that help get rid of skin issues naturally using high performing specialist oils, botanical extracts and pure essential oils. Some of their products include Lavender Aromatic Body Scrub, Lorla Naturals Centrifudge Coconut Oil, Lorla Naturals Detox Face mask, etc.

They provide skin care consultations and their products help reinvigorate the skin, reduce the appearance of ageing and impart a radiant, healthy glow. Lorla Naturals do not ‘greenwash’ their clients. The products are based on the ancient healing art of aromatherapy. When they sell products to clients, they follow up the clients to ensure they get value for their money.


To get any of their products, you can visit their office at Plot 104, Federal Housing Estate by Welder Bus stop, Kubwa, Abuja.

If you would like to make enquiries about their range of products, call 08081167707 or email to

Facebook: Lorla Naturals

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