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Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: Sapphire Scents

Coco Chanel once said, “No elegance is possible without perfumes. It is the unseen, unforgettable ultimate accessory.”

Scents often trigger intense memories we may have long forgotten. We can’t overstate the need for a pleasant unique aroma; imagine travelling in a bus full of people and someone has a body odour, that’s just a nightmare. It was no wonder that Sapphire scents made the list of Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs in Nigeria with 136 votes placing them at 63 out of 256 nominees.

Adewale Aladejana – CEO, Sapphire Scents.

Sapphire scents is acquires rare fragrances like an oud, myrrh and frankincense from the Middle East and sells them in Nigeria. They sell oil perfumes, diffusers and pocket-sized spray perfumes. But what makes them stand out in the industry is customers can design their own bespoke perfumes with Sapphire Scents. So when people want to give a birthday or anniversary gift to a lover of perfumes, they can meet with Sapphire Scents to customise a unique fragrance for their loved ones.

Sapphire Scents

Adewale Aladejana founded sapphire Scents in April 2015 and it became a registered company in August of the same year. Though he had a regular desk job when he began, the business turnover was so good that after eight months of starting the business, he was able to quit his job of four years. But that’s not to say the business hasn’t had its fair share of challenges. From those who thought the perfumes did not differ from the type sold on the streets by the locals, to those who felt they could get it cheaper by travelling to Dubai themselves. Not to mention the foreign exchange challenge faced by most businesses in 2016. Though the burden didn’t fall on the end consumers, it was something the distributors handled. He pulled through by not allowing what people said or thought about the business distract him. Because he believed in what he was doing, he could hype the business using social media.

The doors for more investors and new distributors are open as plans for expansion are underway. Sapphire Scents has over 400 distributors of their products in over 20 states in the following countries, Nigeria, US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Cyprus, Cameroon, and Ghana. Though they are based in Nigeria, they have a store in Abuja and are planning to open more stores in Nigeria, London and Ghana. These stores have the capacity of producing up to 50,000 bottles of perfume made in a Nigerian factory to hit the billion naira mark.

Sapphire Scent

For a fragrance that speaks loudest on a subliminal level, you can visit their office at Plot 392 Kado Navy Quarters, Opposite NAF Conference Centre, Jahi, Abuja. Otherwise, contact Sapphires Scent via 08038519881, email or visit their website at


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