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Celebrity Divorces


High Celebrity Divorces Rates and the Underlying Elements

We find ourselves lighting up when we hear gists of our favourite celebrity hooking up with and eventually marrying another favourite celebrity, without having doubts if they truly examined their compatibility going into the future. And before we know it, we are torn on hearing news that those lovely couples we see all romantic on red carpets have broken up or divorced. This, at times, makes us question the validity of even our own romantic interests.

We might sometimes be swayed by the suggestion that we only know more of celebrity breakups because it gets more media attention, but best believe that celebrity couples divorce is twice as much as that of ordinary couples. Findings have even shown that celebrity divorce rates are not only high, but because we sometimes pattern our lives after a favourite celebrity, we are therefore prone to making the same decisions which they got wrong.

Our culture of placing celebrities on a pedestal a little lesser than gods and a lot more higher than ordinary people may not have had less to do with how much they falter in our perception and in theirs as well. Celebrities are often expected to be perfect by ordinary folks and the media hypes up the relationship between our expectations and their actual life. In the end everyone falters.

We hear of rumbling relationships in the news and on gossip blogs day in day out, where our favourite celebrities, home and abroad, are announced to have split with their partner, date or love interest after a few months or a couple of years of romance. As the human spirit in them presses, many of them are soon engaged to another partner, perhaps as adventure, to quell loneliness or to grab a new leverage in their pursuit of higher stardom. Many of these celebrities are soon caught in the cycle of romance and nonfulfillment which may even degenerate into depression and/or suicide.

But what we see most of the celebrities engaging in is a situation of lust or mere superficial sexualized love which rarely stands the test of time. It is safe to say that the demands of careers such as in music, acting, writing, dancing, politics, and activism, which catapulted them into stardom in the first place may have sacrificed the realities of their love life on the altar of constant rise into fame.

This is not to suggest that there are some celebrities who do not sail through the storms of cheating, jealousy, hyper-individuality, love of adventure and other causes of celebrity breakups. In fact, those who have survived storms may have familiarised themselves with the details of why celebrity unions are usually jinxed and worked harder at making their own union pan out.

There is also the case of addiction-induced abuse, addiction to strong substances or other general addiction which their exalted status has now given them unimpeded access to. No one wants to remain in a marriage where they are being physically, emotionally, financially abused. No one also wants to remain in a union going down the exploitation route. And while it is true that some celebrities marry to syphon their partner’s deep financial pockets some others have exploited marriage on such grounds as an access to more fame and it’s accoutrements.

The short-sightedness of couples going into marriage nowadays is also getting alarming. At least, communication between a celebrity couple should have considered the many scenarios they would face in their union once they are married. Matters such as choice of home, work pattern, domestic expenses, kids to have, management of stardom, contingencies for financially trying times, and so on should be discussed by any serious couple before getting married. Research has shown that a couple which has duly thrashed out such knotty issues highlighted often win in the lasting marriage stage.

The path of communication, concession and compromise with a partner in a largely rising world of individualism where many couples, basking in their bloated egos, feel they should not be answerable for their selfish actions, comes with great effort. These are the some areas which celebrities and their myriad followers should take more into cognisance lest their unions be taken as a total joke in the future.

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