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Volleyball Premier League Moved To 3rd November

Due to the ongoing crisis in some parts of Northern Nigeria, the Nigeria Volleyball Premier League (NVBL), initially scheduled for November 1, in Kaduna State, has now been moved to the 3rd of November 2018, in Abuja.

According to a memo to clubs by the Local Organizing Community (LOC), the league, will now hold from the 3rd of November till November 10th, at the the indoor sports hall of the National Stadium Package B, Abuja.

No fewer than fifty lives have been lost so far in the communal/religious conflicts that has rocked the once peaceful city of Kaduna, and, with the incessant declarations of curfew in the state — there is no telling if the perpetrators of theses heinous acts have had their fill.

Alhaji Adamu Maikano, the Secretary General of the LOC, stated that, the change of dates and venue for the league, however, unplanned by the LOC, is to make sure that the players, and properties of the Volleyball federation are out of harm’s reach.

The League would have been held before now, but the Federation had to move it due to the country’s hosting of the U-21 Men’s Africa Volleyball Nations Cup and the Zonal eliminations of the 19th  National Sports Festival. Nigeria Volleyball is under Confederation of African Volleyball (CAVB) and we had to shift our programme.

…We didn’t think it would be appropriate for the clubs to still play in Kaduna under a tense atmosphere.

— Maikano (GONG News).

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