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Top 4 Job Listing Apps In Nigeria

One of the factors that aggravate unemployment in Africa is the disjointed job market. In a bid to tackle this problem, job listing services have emerged over the years with the brilliant objective to change the way people hunt for jobs and find jobs and provide employers with the right channel to advertise job vacancies and to find eligible candidates to fill them.

Here are four of such services that have taken the “mobile” route and are crushing unemployment to some extent:



JobberMan has gained massive popularity since its launch. The app which was greatly influenced by  – India’s biggest search engine – was created as a means to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria and given the “internet of things” at that time, it had the potential to become Nigeria’s biggest “playing field” for job-seekers and employees. Today, Jobber Man boasts of being Nigeria’s largest job search engine with over 1.5 million users and 30,000 employees. With the well-categorised jobs and icons for career advice on the app, users are guaranteed access to the latest jobs and first-hand information on them.

Download Jobberman App for Android




Careers 24 is another premier leading job portal that enables job-seekers to find the jobs they need faster and more efficiently.  This app which was released on August 27, 2015 has a unique friendly user interface and gives users access to more than 1000 job vacancies in Nigeria. With key features like “job alerts” and “company review” to ensure employer/employee relationship, seeking a job on Careers 24 is less of a hassle.

Download Career24 for Android

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Ng Careers

NG Careers

One unique service Ng Careers provides as a top-tier job portal is the comprehensive courses and tips it provides for job seekers to meet with potential employers to exchange their views and services in a  well-regulated app setting. The service has been in the job listing game since 2009 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down with a high rating and decent reviews on Google Play store.

Download NG Careers for Android


Naira Career

Naira Career

Naira Career is another job listing service that enables job seekers to find companies in the recruiting process. The app provides frequent updates on the latest jobs in Nigeria to a very large audience. With the app’s beautiful interface and exciting features, it is little wonder while thousands of job seekers make use of it on a daily basis.

Download Naira Career for Android

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