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Top 5 Websites For Movie Downloads

Nollywood has grown in leaps and bounds since it came into the scenes in the 20th century. With the stellar progress it has achieved all around the globe, it is only necessary that a platform is created for Nigerian movies to be aired all around the world.

Thankfully, we don’t just have one platform but a good number of them that have emerged in recent years to enable the online streaming of Nollywood movies. Here are some websites where you can watch, download, and also stream movies at the click of a button

Iroko TV

Iroko TV

Iroko TV, one of the first movie streaming services in Nigeria, always has you covered with the latest movies and TV shows in Nigeria. The website which was founded Jason Njoku in 2011 is the biggest distributor of Nollywood movies in the world. To gain access to the array of streaming videos (movies and TV series), users have to pay a subscription fee of $5.00 monthly. They can enjoy these movies and TV series online and on their smartphones (Android and iOS).


Ibaka TV

Ibaka TV

Like the previously mentioned, Ibaka TV is an online video streaming service that was launched in 2011 by Blessed Idornigie with the aim of making Nollywood content available to those within Nigeria and in diaspora. Ibaka TV allows viewing and access to Nollywood, Ghallywood and other African movies.      This is also possible through the Ibaka TV app and SMART TVs app which enables Nigerians stream movies whenever they want.



TV Nolly

TVNolly is one of the top streaming services that has taken Nollywood beyond the shores of Nigeria. Aside from the high-quality Nigerian movies available on the site, the website also provides access to classic and Ghallywood movies. With the premium content it offers, viewers can watch the latest Nollywood movies featuring their favourite actors and actresses at an affordable rate.


Nolly Land

Nolly Land

On Nollyland, you can watch an array of Nollywood, Ghanian, and other African movies. The platform also provides a media player device you can use to download and watch these movies. To ensure that you have an enjoyable viewable experience, Nolly Land also offers features such as bookmarking of movies to stop watching, a personalised watch list, and a timeline thumbnail to easily watch any scene.



Coded Wap

CodedWap provides viewers with not only streaming Nollywood movies but also skits by your favourite comic acts, music videos for download, and information on the latest happenings around the country and the world. You also get to listen to the audio version of Nigerian songs on this platform.

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