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Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs: Lucy Ng

There are usually some aspects of every event or occasion that most people look out for; some examples are the food, the ambience, and the gifts exchanged or souvenirs. The last serves as the specialty of ConnectNigeria’s Top 100 SMEs entrant: is an online superstore for souvenirs, corporate gifts and promotional items, where one can make orders for unique and quality gifts online and have it delivered to their doorstep.[1] This online store seeks to take the activity of gifting campaigns and promotions beyond the level of ‘mere activity’, to the level of strategic gifting which can consequently, enhance, foster and strengthen relationships, create goodwill, promote company businesses as well as directly impact on revenue positively (where applicable).

Summarily put, has made the art of gift products, customization and branding, as well as promotional itemization their stock of trade. This venture has sought to understand the joy of gifting and the importance of keeping memories of important occasions and events. This is coupled with its understanding of the need and power of marketing, promotions and corporate gifting.[2] In addition to that, quality assurance which is the bane for business customer satisfaction, is at the spine of In other words, customer satisfaction comes first. How is this customer satisfaction achieved? Simply by ensuring that, the personnel and entire team of hand in hand with the customer-as much as possible-in every step of the process.

There is a wide range of categories of gifts and items at the disposal of Some of these include; business gifts, promotional items, gift souvenirs, hotel amenities, techy giveaways, and other favors. The variety of gifts also range from backpacks, t-shirts and polo, business key chains and card holders, bath robes and toiletries (like hand lotions, soaps etc.for hotels), Ink USB Pen, Branded flash drives, to power banks, mugs, party packs etc.[3]

Furthermore, there is a dedicated team of staff to take care of customers’ orders from product choices to customization and deliveries; a huge gap being bridged for most customers. One might ask what gap could possibly be in product choices, customization and deliveries. Quite a lot, the issue of making the right choice for the right occasion and event is usually stressful. That’s besides the challenge of personalization of gifts and souvenirs to the preference of a customer, or even multiple customers, in the case of a corporate or promotional purpose. The ease from this stress is what Lucy.Ng. brings to the table. They simply have created a platform that makes it easy for one to choose and personalize their gifts and souvenirs to their preference.

The core value and motivation of is in enhancing the joy of giving and the preservation of precious memories. And though there are seasons that are regarded specially as gifting seasons, such as Christmas, birthdays, sallah, weddings, one can as well make every season a gifting season with; one of ConnectNigeria’s Top 100 SMEs.


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