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Lucy Ejike


Golden Moments in Sports: Lucy Ejike’s Phenomenal Win At The Rio Paralympics

Lucy Ejike, brought her A-game to the Rio 2016 Paralympics, where she successfully smashed the Paralympics and World Records (WR), three consecutive times to win the women’s 61kg powerlifting gold medal.

Talk about pure motivation regardless of prevailing circumstances.

The Nigerian who wheeled into the arena determined to make a lasting impression on all present, started off her campaign on a stunning note.

In her first try, Ejike successfully lifted the 136kg weight, which was a new Paralympic Record (PR) and World Record. However, the Nigerian was just warming up.

She went on to break her previous record, and set a new PR & WR with her second attempt at 138kg. At this point, the spotlight had turned towards Ejike, and she was not about to end her record breaking streak.

Lucy Ejike

In her third attempt, the Nigerian finished with a massive 142kg lift, to set a new PR and WR for the third consecutive time in the same event.

Although Ejike had had her three official tries, she wasn’t done yet. She requested for the weights to be set at 145kg outside the competition. However, she could not make a clean lift.

Despite her failed attempt at the 145kg, the Nigerian’s 142kg lift was more than enough to earn her the gold medal in the women’s 61kg event.

Egypt’s Fatma Omar was a close second with a lift of 140kg, while China’s Yan Yang, settled for bronze with a measly 128kg lift.


Source: MOC

Featured Image Source: Magic FM

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