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Made In Nigeria: Apoti Lagos

Economic and business analysts have blamed Nigeria’s current economic state on the nation’s over-dependence on imported goods, especially when they are locally made substitutes of equal quality and performance. This penchant for foreign goods and services over locally made products, is one that has deprived the nation of huge turnovers in various sectors of our economy.

The need for Nigerians to patronize made-in-Nigeria goods goes without saying, as this is one major way we as a people can collectively tackle the issues of poor standard of living and unemployment.

Nigeria is home to Africa’s largest cluster of entrepreneurs, many of which have a strong desire to one day export their goods and services to other parts of the world. However, for this dream to be a reality we must rally behind our entrepreneurs and support made-in-Nigeria products.

Apoti Furnitures

Apoti Lagos

Toyin George is one super entrepreneur of many talents who wishes to one day export her beautiful made-in-Nigeria furniture outside Africa.

Toyin started out as a furniture maker using imported materials for her works, but in time she would come to realize that in other to make a change you have to be the change. This yearning to play her part in our nation’s development led to the birth of Apoti Lagos in 2018.

Apoti Lagos is an African ethnic furniture collection that makes bespoke footstools with cushions made from African prints to give the home that radiant African ambience.

Apoti, which is the Yoruba name for Stool or Pouffe, has been around for centuries in homes across Nigeria. The stool was used by our forefathers as low seaters, for kitchen sitting support, and used as a foot supports to give comfort and aid blood circulation.


Toyin has revamped the apoti with aesthetic features that make it blend right with other modern home furnitures.

Like many other entrepreneurs, Toyin faces several challenges including machinery and power, both of which play a crucial role in the success of her growing business.

Although it has not been an easy run for the brave entrepreneur, Toyin believes that with more public awareness and the help of the government in sorting out some challenges not particular to her brand alone, business can be better.

Contact Apoti Lagos

Contact Apoti Lagos on 08038754615 or visit @apoti_lagos on Instagram.


Featured Image Source: Marketplace Africa

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