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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 4 Online Book Vendors You Should Be Following

One powerful quote reads, “A reader lives a thousand lives a before he dies…”. This is just one of the many benefits of reading. As a reader, you get to see life through the eyes of many authors and with more reading, comes more life experience.

Here are some of the online bookstores where you can buy the best books and start cultivating a reading habit:


Okada Books

Founded by Okechukwu Ofili, Okadabooks is home to over 10000 books. The bookstore was launched to create a transparent platform for both readers and authors of books; indeed it has lived up to expectations. With various books spanning different genres, authors can publish their own books, share it with others, connect with other like-minded authors, and acquire valuable ideas as they do so. Readers, on the other hand, can benefit from this platform by purchasing books for less than $1.00 and accessing some for free. What makes Okadabooks even more interesting is that students have access to practice questions for exams like JAMB and WAEC. Click here and explore new reads.

Roving Heights

Roving Height

With the dream “to make books the new cool”, Tobi Eyinade concerned about the limited access to good books in Nigeria, founded Roving heights. Roving Heights is not only increasing access to good books but creating reach to an eclectic range of books across different genres. The platform is for a large audience both home abroad interested in Romance, Thriller, Nonfiction,  Sci-fi and many more. With just a peek into the platform’s Instagram account one can see some of the latest books that are worth every penny. Why not click here to start reading the books you’ve been longing for.

Patabah Books

Patabah Books

Since 1987, Patabah books has maintained the standard as the go-to place for books, stationeries, gift items, and greeting cards. Readers can get on the platform to access a new read, see what their favourite authors are up to and arrange books into a collection for their monthly book readings. Click here and see why Patabah Books is home to your next best read.


Havilah Books

Havilah Books

Havilah Books is the standard archive for books of different genres, subjects, and disciplines. From Economics to Marketing, and from Science to Mathematics, you can get whatever you are looking for from the series of book collections listed on the website. Click here to discover new books and even learn some juicy quotes about books.


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