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Social Media Marketing Tips: The Importance Of Content Calendars For Social Media

Often times, we have heard the phrase “content is king” and it is this king that sells on social media. Content is an important factor in social media because it creates brand awareness, encourages engagement and positions you as a thought leader in your field. If you run a business page that consistently puts out content for your followers then it is necessary to have a content calendar.

Before you set up a content calendar, you should first of all map out your content pillar. Your content pillar should be centered on areas you want to focus on for a particular period of time e.g. a month or a couple of weeks. For example, if you run a fashion page, your content pillar may want to focus on- fashion trends in Nigeria, fashionistas in Nigeria, boutiques to shop for fashion items in Nigeria. Your content pillar guides you on the areas you will be putting out for your followers. It is after you have mapped out the content pillar that you can set up a content calendar.

A content calendar should be really simple and a great tool to use is an excel spreadsheet or a Google document or it could be handwritten. While preparing your content calendar, it is important to factor special dates of the month. Once your content calendar is ready you can easily schedule your contents across all social media platforms.

Why You Need A Content Calender For Social Media

A content calendar is important because:

It saves time:

Once you have a Content calendar for all platforms or at least a couple of weeks, you will always know what needs to be published at any point in time. This way you will be able to pre-schedule your content or publish content on the go.

It Lets Out Your Creativity

When you have a Content Calendar, you will be able to create content seamlessly without the fear of dues dates and deadlines. In this way, you are not creating content because you are under duress but because you are inspired to create.

It Ensures Consistency

Engaging consistent content is what makes a brand relevant. Your audience needs to see you as a reliable source of information and this can only be possible if they can always be welcomed by fresh or relevant content once they visit your page. With a Content Calendar, you can guarantee your audience a consistent flow of content.


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