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Christmas Shopping Deals


The Top Shopping Deals this Christmas Season

Christmas shoppers are trooping into open-air markets and hitting the malls in search of the best deals on offer from merchants this season. We can only guess that they’ll be struggling to make sense of the expensiveness of the products on sale, and duelling with stubborn traders holding out for a sky-high final price. December’s tiresome haggles are playing out all over again.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are actually a lot of discounts on offer from online and offline marketplaces. You usually have to do some serious looking around your neighbourhood (or farther) or scour the web for these deals. But we’re bringing the best of them here, so you don’t have to go through all that stress.

These are our picks of the Christmas shopping bargains available this year, from a variety of reputable retailers. It’s very likely you’ll find one or a number of them affordable enough to make you whip out your wallet and make a purchase.

  1. Jumia

The Jumia Christmas sales are underway, and they’re turning up some pretty eye-watering deals. Discounts are available for fashion, kitchen appliances, groceries, phones and accessories. With flash sales presenting cuts of up to 60% on products and treasure hunts offering prices levelled by a whopping 99%, the bargain chase on Jumia is yielding a stream of unparalleled gains for the platform’s customers.

Whether it’s drones selling for two thirds their regular price or flat screen TV sets going for 50% less their market value, odds are that you’ll run into some deal you’ll find hard to resist.

What’s more, Jumia Travels is offering 30% off their travel packages. If you’re craving a holiday getaway, you may drop by their site and have a look at the deals available there.

  1. Supermart

There aren’t that many dealers offering hampers as low-priced as Supermart currently does. Their gift boxes, stuffed with the pretty things you’d expect to see in a goody pack, are currently selling for as low as ₦3,500. There’s a range of hamper types available at Supermart’s grocery stores, including the premium, high-end ones. Whatever your budget is, you’re almost certain to find a Christmas gift package here that fits perfectly into it.

  1. Konga


Konga promises huge discounts on its products this Christmas in its Pink Season year-end sales. You could get up to 42% off a Nexus water dispenser, 34% off a four-burner gas cooker, and up to 35% shaved off the prices of various top brand smartphones.

If you prefer deals for holiday-specific items, you may take advantage of the price slashes for decorative wreaths and lights, pick up an Xmas T-shirt and a Santa hat for the combined price of ₦3,200, and buy a six feet Christmas tree for only a little over ₦7,000.  Details of these and more can be found on the Konga website.

  1. Printivo


If you’re thinking about branding your gift items and souvenirs for the season, you could try out Printivo’s online print shop. They’re known to be quite good at printing on mugs, envelopes, business cards, shirts and the numerous other things their customers request that they do.

This December, Printivo is offering a 15% discount on all its holiday products to orders made with the coupon code XMAS 15. You can create your Christmas cards by uploading your own templates to the site, and have them delivered to you in a couple of days; you can get this done for as little as ₦200. Branded paper bags have an even less expensive starting price, pegged at about ₦150. Deals for postcard, notepad and mug prints are also available.

  1. Dealdey

Dealdey offers deals all year round, so it’s not very easy to see how they could be pushing extra special deals for Christmas. Apparently, it’s not a problem for this deals listing site. This December, they’re bringing Nigerians a load of super discounted packages, as part of their Shutdown ’18 seasonal sales.

‘Shutdown’ seems rather hefty a word for special sales, but the amounts shaved off prices for Dealdey’s offerings this month aren’t far from jaw-dropping. You could get 30% clipped off the season’s top music concerts, 50% off dental scaling and polishing, 80% chopped from the price of spa pampering sessions, and 90% discounts on electronic eye examinations. And if you would like to spruce up your CV ahead of the coming year, there’s an HSE Level 1-3 training going for a staggering 92% less than its original cost.

  1. SPAR


SPAR Nigeria has a 25 Days of Christmas sales running, and it’s slated to end on the 29th of December. That’s a lot of time to grab some really wonderful deals this festive season.

Besides the bargains you could snap up at SPAR’s online store and offline locations, there’s a chance to win some money for yourself. If you make purchases worth above ₦6,000 at any of their stores, you’ll be qualified to win to ₦100 million at SPAR’s cash token draws (note that this is only open to holders of SPAR’s reward card).

Featured Image Source: Supermart

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