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Think of hygienic, freshly prepared and healthy food delivered to your doorstep and you have ‘So Fresh’. So Fresh was born out of the need to cater to the growing audience of health-conscious Nigerians who are in need of fresh supplies of fruits and organic produce on a regular basis. Since its launch by Abimbola Balogun in 2010, so fresh has become the trusted foremost supplier of wholesome fruits, vegetables, and other organic produce.

The Beginning

So Fresh was formerly Fruitivegies Limited, a market tailored to serve farmers,  that was before it was rebranded So Fresh in 2013. It started with Ambibola and her husband as the only workforce. Tedious as the business seemed at that time, their objective was clear and simple: provide clean, wholesome organic foods of various categories and types to Nigerians who care about their wealth and wellbeing.

So far, they’ve come a long way in achieving this goal as they now boast of being a pioneer in an industry that promotes healthier options and eating habits for the average Nigerian. With technology on their side, it keeps getting better and better as customers are now guaranteed on-time delivery and seamless methods of payments to ensure that they get quality service.

So Fresh And Its Operations

At So Fresh, there is a mix of both ready-made and raw farm products delivered to customers depending on what they request for. The platform boasts of over a 100 types of fruits and vegetables in its arsenal. It also delivers other natural products such as eggs, chicken, salads, smoothies, and parfaits. Orders are made from the menu available on their website and once they are made, customers get their deliveries in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

So Fresh also encourages an open door policy where customers can wait for their favorite smoothies and juices to be prepared in their presence. One quality So Fresh is big on is “packaging”. In the founder’s own words, “At So Fresh we believe food should be fresh and close to Nature as possible, hence we create tasty, healthy, organic foods and we also retail minimally. We are big on freshness, quality, and hygiene.”

Presently, So Fresh only delivers fresh perishable farm produce within Lagos but when it comes to durables such as cereals and oils, it supplies to locations outside Lagos.

With So Fresh’s current standing and with their growing workforce, they have the potential to blossom into a national supplier of organic farm produce promoting a healthy eating culture among Nigerians.


Reference:  YNaija

Featured Image Source: Bella Naija

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